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Rubens. An Angel Blowing a Trumpet for the Jesuit Church, Antwerp. Ca. 1617-20. Mirrored detail, added colouring.
The Church exhorts all members to preserve and promote the good things in Buddhism, the Second Vatican Counsil declares.

The ankh (☥) in a table of contents shows that the essay it stands next to is a form of table. A "Get Tao" icon along with such a text (page) shows the same thing. Many of the on-site "Get Tao" icons also serve as links to more data about the table layout. The summary of each such essay may be browsed first, to get an inkling of what the content is about and the drift of thought in the essay.

The Vatican Council exhorts all members to recognise, preserve and promote the good things in Buddhism. This is a serious matter, made official through the "Declaration on the Relation of the Church to Non-Christian Religions. Nostra Aetate". [More, including a Vatican link] There is much to consider.

Buddhist terms: There is a link - 'Words' - to a glossary on most of these pages.

One or several sources that are used on a page, are listed with full references at the bottom of that page. Also, the 'Literature' sign below serves as a link to a quite large library with full references.


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