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Superficial and Savoury
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Sticking to Superficiality as Probably Fits ☼

1. Menial entertainment - have nothing of it

By some yogi words you may be taken by surprise.

One question is how superficial you can get. Calculate well to live and go for deep draughts of a savoury life style in the fit garden and "to the brim" could go well, for what I know.

Both fun, developed humour, grace of external brilliance, and meaningful functions in life may show up to reflect profound prudence in time. Besides, environment helps some people and many an expressive artist so that he doesn't become a shame to any close ones.

It should be wise to remain rational and pessimistic towards frauds rather than getting subjected to ridicule after some time, and getting one's light darkened and taken over by menial ones.

Since probing communication is not all there is to a relationship, the able lover should be protected to avoid harassment and afflictions, and profit better from a more substantial and lasting relationship with the opposite sex.

An old man in monk's garb may have solid, gregarious humour and creative grasp inside, too - nay, be skilled and gregariously fit for entertainment - for the great man may not solve big problems, explains Tao Te Ching, Chap. 63.

2. Who forms images cannot fully hide the inherent good sides to him or her

We can add a sense of caution and a bit superficiality as fits, we too, while going for very savoury knowledge and tact.

Naturally, we function fairly well without being teased or inspired for it, so beware of getting inspired. For many inspirations are not unlike whiffs of smoke. However, the sense of staunch prudishness can be worn down and swayed by both too insubstantial inspirations, opinions and marriage standards. Hovever, creating expressions and creating images could be of use to some.

Brooding ones should shield themselves proficiently rather than ending up like actors and actresses - because they are terribly publicly exposed, and that mars too many already, unlike seeming uninteresting and dull, which can be quite an art in its own right too, perhaps in harmony with the proverb, "It is a fool who cannot hide his wisdom."

The victims of frequent harassments - actors, playboys and others - need to take rests to cope well after having a fruitful direction to go.

It appears the public, by whims and folly led, has urges to become a playboy and celebrity and dancing star too.

It should be all-round wise enough to let personal recognition and security go hand in hand.

3. Many workaholics go unrecognised and may be discarded for being too selfless

One could benefit from making the most of whatever one has come across, seen, heard, read, and whatever other skills and insights one has got and keep getting.

Delicate creatures may get easily upset and have a penetrating sense of peace, also beneath the surface.

Many of undemanding relationships can in time turn into wry and dry workaholics if much undermined.

What can really help is being neither selfish nor selfless, being balanced and not too brutal, feeling free and easy for most part.

It is possible to go for quite simple and functional forms and appreciate simplicity and sincerity, while adopting a more modest way of life.

At the same time one needs to be alerted to the possibility that hidden brightness means injury - hiding one's light, that is.

All the same, superfluous ornament can be discarded.

Superior ones proceed in clearing up some things.

Appropriate tact is not second-hand.

One can emerge from dark periods strengthened.


Menial entertainment cannot be dropped soon enough. Entertaining pictures get recognised all over the world.


Deep, sensible balance could assist you.

Besides, holistic health may in part be helped by kind and good humour and moral hand in hand. There is research on humour by Professor Sven Svebak et al (2015) - it documents it is generally good for health and a longer life.

Regular efforts at learning in acceptable schools may be very worthwhile too.


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Svebak, Sven, Solfrid Romundstad, Are Holen and Jostein Holmen. "A 15-Year Follow-Up Study of Sense of Humor and Causes of Mortality: The Nord-Tr´┐Żndelag Health Study." Psychosomatic Medicine 78(3), November 2015.

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