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Tales from Tirol
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Two Sisters

Once there were two much submissive sisters. The youngest gave herself up to a cloistered life, while the elder married and became the mother of a large family.

Then one day Peter, who was to open to gate of heaven for those who wanted to get in, was told by the Boss to open the gate of heaven wide and prepare a high festival.

"That might well be the youngest of the two sisters," thought St. Peter on a hunch, "she who adapted to be confined in a cloister."

He wanted to be the first of all to greet the soul, but to his surprise it was not the youngest sister. Not many days after he told to open the gate again, but only very little, and not prepare for any festival in heaven this time.

When Peter let in this soul, it was the youngest of the two sisters. He did as he was told and opened the door only very little, and in came that soul, the one he had thought so very well of. She was given only a humble place, a very little, low seat.

Later Peter learnt that the eldest sister did her duties well, and that good work could rise be more pleasing to the Lord than just escaping the world, trying to benefit from others as in a cloistered life.

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The woman who marries must adapt. (Proverb from Trentino)



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