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Tales from Tyrol

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Tyrolean folktales of Tyrol, Tirol Some say Tyrol, others Tirol. The British traveller and folklorist Rachel Harriette Busk (1831–1907) published Household Stories from the Land of Hofer, or Popular Myths of Tirol in 1871. Here are some of them, edited afresh for this version.

Norg Tales
  1. Typical Norgs
  2. Tit for Tat
  3. The Storm and the Reckoning
  4. Underground with the Norgs
  5. The Rose Garden of the Last King of His Kind
Myths of North and South Tirol
  1. The Nickel of the Rohrer Berg
  2. The Hunter and the Baroness
  3. The Grave Prince and the Cat
Franz von Defregger - The Happy Family. Modified secton
The Happy Family (Section)

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