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Transitional Words and Phrases
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Transitional Words and Phrases

Many words and phrases connect parts of sentences and sentences (periods). Such connective or transitional words and phrases can ease the understanding. They can help in taking readers from one point to another.

Add ideas
accordingly also and
and then another as a result
as follows as well as at the same time
besides both-and by the same token
consequently equally important etc.
even more finally first (second, third, and so on)
for example (for instance) for one thing further
furthermore however in addition (to)
in fact in the first place in the same way
in the second place is called is made up of
is seen as last lastly
likewise (also) more more than this,
moreover next nor
not only - but also or otherwise
second similarly (again) successively
than then therefore
thus too what is more

Cause-and-effect relationships
accordingly as a consequence as a result
because consequently for that reason
for this purpose hence in short
on account of since so
then therefore thereupon
thus to this end with this object

Clarify, explain, or restate
i.e., (that is) in brief in essence
in fact in other words in short
indeed put another way simply stated
that is that is to say to clarify
to explain to put it another way to put it differently
to rephrase it
a similar (occurrence) also at the same time
by the same token comparable however
in (a) like manner in comparison in the same way
in turn instead just as
likewise on one hand . . . on the other hand on the other hand
similarly whereas
Consequence(s) and results
accordingly as a result because
consequently due to for this reason
hence in other words otherwise
since so so that
so then then therefore
thereupon this thus
with the result that
although at the same time but
but at the same time contrarily conversely
despite differently even so
even though for all that however
in contrast in spite of instead
nevertheless nonetheless nor
notwithstanding of on one hand
on the contrary on the other hand or
otherwise rather regardless
still though unfortunately
whereas while this may be true yet (and yet)
as follows especially in detail
in particular including namely
specifically to enumerate to explain
to list
Example and illustration
an illustration of as an illustration as follows
by way of illustration e.g. (for example) even
for example for instance in other words
in particular namely specifically
such as the following example thus
to demonstrate to illustrate
as a rule as usual for the most part
generally generally speaking ordinarily
usually most often
because of this for such a reason for that reason
so that to do this
afterward at first at the same time
earlier finally first of all
first for now for the time being
in conclusion in the first place in the meantime
in time in turn last
later on later meanwhile
next simultaneously soon
subsequently the next step then
to begin with ultimately while
analogous to in like fashion in like manner
likewise moreover similar
Summarise or conclude
accordingly after all all in all
all things considered altogether as a result
as has been indicated as has been noted as has been said
briefly by and large certainly
clearly consequently finally
for these reasons generally hence
in any case in any event in brief
in closing in conclusion in essence
in other words in retrospect in short
in simpler terms in sum in summary
in the final analysis in the long run indeed
naturally of course on balance
on the whole summing up that is
therefore thus to conclude
to sum up to summarize


Transitional Words and Phrases, Literature  

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