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No. 12

Gain a Tao

Tarot 12

In the Italian tarot, the picture shows the virtue Fortitude, and is called so too, and not "Strength". In most old, Italian tarot cards a lady holds a large stone column, perhaps breaking it. In the tarot de Marseille and its descendants, a woman, or man with a club, is subduing a lion. If unarmed, one may become a victim of enduring disappointment by such an activity, and a martyr.

LoGoing against nature is being in for sufferings too

A great detective may at times ride against convention, and always against dishonesty.

A well-run home wins people over; hard words seldom will.

Being one with some illusion she calls it a retreat to emotions.

Great artistry is a long combat against nature or id.

Her dream is likely to be to get fine and not too nervous.

She may be found out: just a reclusive with much ado, and clever at sexual seduction, especially of loved ones.

A nice, quiet place suits her. Do not push her if she is avid for notoriety and wants to become a patient.

She finds the passion for some faint applause, and loves dramatic performances for that reason.

A theatrical, great pretender may not embrace anyone out of being good-natured - no-no.

A career as a circus performer should go well in such a case, and could please her.

She obviously wants to leave a mark in the world, but may get hurt in so doing.

There is a streak in her nature that cries for romance.

When a person with such a vision is about, she is in for sufferings, and there is a good reason why. Also, she accomplishes it with elegance, even if not always willingly so.

LoAmong things that could work for her and truly benefit her, show and pretenses for acclaim hardly belong

Having made lots of enemies for surface show and public acclaim may shake her rudely.

Clever at hoodwinking she may resort ot whims over and over.

Early training is ever to be romantic to work for long in her case.

She can ply her boat and pretend to be vain.

Wasting precious time may appear as being artistic.

Great affinity with ponds, lakes and rivers may work excellently, and truly suit someone like her too.

An emotional artist, she may reap more walls to surround her. Quite intuitive real life artist may come to hate persons with broader visions than herself - it works for her.

She may be found to provide clear, plain indiscretions, and through generous fallacies she may end up dwarfing.

Her erotic pleasures are fairly sound.

LoOn behalf of her family, help has to be honest to be of worth

She is certain to like something and someone to stand on, although she can be intellectually dishonest and hypocritical. And it can take many sombre years to realise those large life-aims.

Ceremonial outfit and a staff may greatly help her. She should be best off in working on behalf of her own family Hankerings of others she tends to detect fairly well.



  1. Going against nature is being in for sufferings too, as a result of thwarted id and still deeper urges.
  2. Among things that could work for her and truly benefit her, show and pretenses for acclaim hardly belong.
  3. On behalf of her family, help has to be honest to be of worth.

IN NUCE Being in for sufferings appears to be what she wills, so help has to be honest and good to be of much value.


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Farley, Helen. A Cultural History of Tarot: From Entertainment to Esotericism. London: I. B. Tauris, 2009. ⍽▢⍽ Helen Farley is Lecturer in Studies in Religion and Esotericism at the University of Queensland. Her book is a researched and well written study of tarot symbolism and the changing imagery in the cards. She explores ways in which the tarot reflects aspects of European culture from Medieval Italy until our times.

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