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No. 2

Gain a Tao

Tarot 2

Il Bagatto, French, bateleur, juggler. He could be an artisan standing behind his tool bench; the Bagatto is depicted as a cobbler in Milanese decks from the 1800s. Captions like 'alchemist' and 'magician' are found too. A commoner rigged up for trade, he holds a wand.

DotHe should let prudence and considerations grow so as to remain loyal to his own self, and adapt to skilful means and methods

Money hunger could stem from too little secure feelings beneath. Some persons seek security in idiotic manner if barred from it earlier.

Some may in turn become over the top materialistic.

A solid appetite for best things may not include books at any time.

It seems best to remain steadfast in rather simple efforts, heading for the best outcome possible, and otherwise stick better to what is familiar and comfortable.

Love of pretty possessions may become the cause of great ruin.

A love for the good things is a good "thing" to uphold too.

Who remains steady at it is also someone who can feel hurt and get stigmatised.

One is to appreciate material returns and solid benefit.

Who are bad guys? He slowly starts to wonder, and hopefully he finds out in time as well.

Who is steadfast, probably plans toward some conformist end.

Many talents take many years to perfect, patiently and reliably.

One should obtain much by non-bitter, sustained effort.

Starting to discover an inner harmony - he must let it grow without killing it.

If things start loosing their appeal it may work better to calm down and come back to one's centre.

Why should someone of this kind take big chances?

Hee can be an accumulator of basic views, an artist or art collector. ◊

He might look demonstrative.

Prudence is most often fit.

He should evolve into a real craftsman in time.

Consider options and what is of sterling worth, no matter what.

For a good life one needs to express better than by juggling.

Materialistically inspired lots of times, he needs his own smaller projects to complete and good friends, or else he loses savour.

Is he candid enough?

Persisting with dextrous skills, he fumbles little, toward learning to count in all the costs.

Quite ponderous, in love he can be exceedingly loyal - well -

He is often good at being seemingly materialistic. The tamed bull and performer hardly make anyone truly glad.

There is a breeze of gentle docility around him at best.

To be clumsy is not good enough.

To maintain rich elegance and humour, proper self-indulgence in solid pleasures may be fit.

To remain, try for steady and dependable methods that pay well off.

DotPractical efforts have their own charms

Consider having first-class items to avoid getting cramped.

Perhaps the endearing one expects danger.

The used and manipulated naturally feel down.

At the heart of it there may be a great need for security in deals for money.

Obstinate endurance is not vile in itself, nor are enlarging needs as they arise.

Here is an expert at putting forth practical effort.

His material world needs material items to make things work better.

If raging a lot, he probably needs to change his course.

He should be able to become a dependable cook if he practices for it - slow and measured, well composed.

He should manage to excel in precise handling ways, and having elementary sense of business.

Good affections - few things is as solid as that.

Great charms abash little.

Market expert -

Some get fixed materialistic through deep insecurity or patterns imposed.

If angered, maybe he has been much reckless.

DotHe may be found willing to adjust to business views and the sort of tact called for in business life out of loneliness

He can enjoy handicrafts and excel as a cook, if that is how he feels for it.

He may at times be understood as "down to earth", and as having some measured control.

He hardly wants dogmas to interfere negatively with practical handling skills and dexterity. and may be firm to let practical outlets remain.

Influences he doesn't understand, can remain attractive and work on him.

If deeply hurt he still tries to deal adequately in matters pertaining to business and proficiency and other means of long-range thriving.

His main views are most often as those of others.

He who is thought to be stable, is apt to display a very practical and pleasure-seeking approach, and next become fond of surreal artistry, perhaps.

He can be intense and certainly enjoys food. ◊

Having items and enviable things where others have none, could stem from loneliness deep down.

By food and outfit many men can be directed into conform manners and ways of living.

A steady and patient business partner almost certainly has enough food to eat.

Deep down he may be content to sit in the meadow and enjoy a soft summer breeze - who knows?◊◊


  1. You should let prudence and considerations grow so as to remain loyal to your inner self, and adapt to skilful means and methods.
  2. Practical efforts have their own charms.
  3. You may realise you are willing to adjust to business views and the sort of tact called for in business life as well, out of inner loneliness.

IN NUCEPrudence and practical efforts are due to deep inner loneliness or aloneness, it is told. And such considerations could have their own charm to those who are lonely deep down.


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Farley, Helen. A Cultural History of Tarot: From Entertainment to Esotericism. London: I. B. Tauris, 2009. ⍽▢⍽ Helen Farley is Lecturer in Studies in Religion and Esotericism at the University of Queensland. Her book is a researched and well written study of tarot symbolism and the changing imagery in the cards. She explores ways in which the tarot reflects aspects of European culture from Medieval Italy until our times.

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