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No. 4

Gain a Tao

Tarot 4

In historical decks, the Empress wears a crown, sits on a throne, holding a shield or orb in one hand and a sceptre in the other. Supposedly she is a female Emperor, and not just an emperor's wife. The shield typically bears an eagle as the heraldic emblem of the Holy Roman Empire. The Empress Adelaide (931-999 CE) is a likely historical person to relate this card to. She is associated by some with Isis.

The added starry crown, the emblem of Venus, the waterfall, the vegetation, and the wildlife, is the work of A. E. Waite and other occultists.

LoSomeone easily emotional may also get sophisticated and well-behaving

An excellent employee can remain calm for most part, maybe through carrying pain for a long time - but rather up to snuff.

Distrust of aliens and others outside her control may be shown by her gear and shields.

Those hurt and prone to brooding should shield themselves better.

Loyalty remains, and fondness of simple pastimes too.

She is really liked, like mom, and sensitive too.

To detect patterns seems natural to her.

Having a comfortable home can make the difference between health and ill-health.

She is not easily handicapped. A bit vulgar and emotional cringing may soon turn into parenting.

Delicate creatures may get easily upset and have a penetrating sense of peace.

Great keywords appeal to her.

She should let personal recognition and security go hand in hand.

Sophisticated, yet sensitive, rearing is likely to be her best side.

LoIn her mood swings she recognised her family, which she wants to keep nurturing

She likes to impress formidable visitors quite naturally.

Very protective of those she love, the nurturing mom may have her mood swings like changeable tides.

Quite attached to her family traditions she also prefers to get allied with nature somehow.

An excellent employee can remain calm for most part, maybe through carrying pain for a long time.

Pattern-recognition may relate to sensitive and deep feelings.

Tact and humour go well together among outstanding nurturing aspects.

A fountain of humour, she expresses domestic nurture also, and may excel in getting outfit.

Greatly protective tenderness masters humour.

Her approach may be a variant of "assemble" many items.

She should have a savoury and domestic flavour, up to artistic in some ways.

Expressive artist, sailor-like at times, that is, idyllising romantic.

LoThe able lover should be protected to avoid harassment

Protective and sympathetic, able organiser may get craving.

A romantic may be swayed by opinions and marriage standards.

A humour-lover par excellence delights in self-respect.

She is really like someone who needs to be protected.

A subject of frequent harrassment needs to take rests to cope well.



  1. Someone who is easily emotional may also get sophisticated and well-behaved.
  2. In her mood swings she recognised her family, which she wants to keep nurturing.
  3. The able lover should be protected to avoid harassment.

IN NUCE She who gets easily emotional and subject to mood swings, should be protected, and decent families are largely for that.


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