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No. 5

Gain a Tao

Tarot 5

L'Imperatore is a sitting and almost always bearded ruler who is most likely in his prime. A lion is depicted in at least one old picture, along with winding snakes. This king over kings is accompanied by the heraldic Eagle of the Holy Roman Empire, which is very often on his shield. Actually, the heraldic eagle ultimately goes back to the signa of the Roman legions. In one old picture the emperor holds a globe and not a sceptre. [Agrell 71-72]. Further, in medieval and Renaissance iconography, the emperor represents secular rule. [Huson 90]

Waite-Smith designed a grandfatherly, forward-looking emperor, ram heads on the throne, and mountain peaks in the background [Little].

LoShe may lavish gifts on good friends, in part out of strong and strongly guarded, chivalry values

To attract attention in a proven way, think about wearing a crown rather than a hat.

Vigilance is to be encouraged if you are envied.

Be guarded against the eye of the public and its envy.

Self confidence she is devoted to, and strongly so.

Elegant in some crude-looking way, she may be understood to be be striving for a lot of attention.

Not intent on money hoarding, she may lavish gifts on dear ones.

Blessed with a royal bearing, she may excel at impressing as a fairytale teller too.

Great at attracting good friends and followers, she comes to learn that pomp is not the best way to do it. She is, rather, fond of friendship that counts.

As a sagacious maestro of musicians she prefers few interfering questions from her crew once she has set sail, perhaps out of this attitude: "Question little so as to win the good fare."

She needs both outfit and strong values.

LoHer better interests lie with family and kin above surface people acceptance

Very dominant and strong willed, of a heavy ego, she learns to survey and aim carefully and guardedly.

Much appreciation may come her way for being brave at heart and having good outfit that counts where she is, and hardly ever wants to go against the better interests of her dear home, family and kin.

Serenely dignified, her emotional outlook seems quite carefree, and she can be candid and outspoken without upsetting people.

Some higher outlets do her good. She tends to prefer great acceptance over mere book learning. A great sexual partner may do her good too. And entertaining others could be one of her best sides.

LoSome thinkers interest her, at least philosophically

Some court jesters may assist her and magnanimity and self-worth.

She may be found to be fond of entertaining thinkers and other honorable persons in the role of some broadly philosophical autocrat.

Generally of high standards, she may frequently show artistic elegance, as in fashion shows. MM

She shows artistically inclined interest, also in fit groundworks of new projects.


  1. She may lavish gifts on good friends, in part out of strong and strongly guarded, chivalry values.
  2. Her better interests lie with family and kin above surface people acceptance.
  3. Some thinkers interest her, at least philosophically.

IN NUCE She sho lavishes gifts like legacies and annual, supporting grants on interesting thinkers and artists as part of her grand-looking schemes, at least shows rudiments of interest in such fields.


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