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No. 7

Gain a Tao

Tarot 7

The card is called L'Amore, "Love" and L'Innamorato, "The Lovers". The picture speaks of love. Tom Little (1999-2001) explains: "In the original Italian tarot tradition, the card is always called simply "Love" (never "The Lovers"), and the picture almost always shows a couple with Cupid above them." In the possibly oldest surviving tarot card the scene seems to show a royal wedding.

In the later Tarot de Marseille design, the couple is joined by a third party, standing off to the left. The figure in the center is often a young man. On one side he has a seductive young woman, and the other side an older, modest and regal Lady Virtue. He seems to be in the middle of a conflict. Also, in the "Ancient Tarots of Lombardy", a woman is choosing between two male suitors similarly.

In conclusion, the Italian tradition gives an uncomplicated allegory of "Love", and the later Marseille tradition adds the theme of choosing between some.

LoLove-given discussions and harmony matters, and so does "trespassing one another" in all right ways

Adept at charming conversation, becoming all mechanical hardly suits her.

Love can bring lots of interest into things.

Love charms a lot of persons into getting involved, and so can humming nice tunes do.

Fair items tend to bring on many happy encounters .

Love is herding others both diplomatically and well.

Love often takes a situation firmly in hand.

Who can afford wisdom can be very good at debates.

Love-evoked flaws may still appeal to many.

Congenial wit or wisdom tends to honestly express inner standards. .

Neatness and order rarely hurt delicate feelings.

Balancing along, love may seem agreeable for a long time.

Love-making can put people at ease and make them feel comfortable at home.

Fashion composers and interior decorators both need to focus on someones.

Fond of harmony with others, love ensnares.

Grace of style matters.

The great partner has to be gauging and careful to continue well.

Love tends to trespass, which has to be guarded against.

Wise folks also love the colours of the sunset, so as not to put all their love eggs in one basket . . .

Marriage matters deeply.

True love does not pretend feelings not there.

Some folks experience love as the tremendous responsibility of guilt.

To weigh this and that in the balance is well-nigh irresistible, and one of the causes of vacillating too.

LoHaving ample space or room works towards duping almost naturally

Love can be a diplomat and ally to come, advocating "live and let live".

Love is an expert at ensnaring and captivating others deftly.

Who is proficient at solution-making may find herself on the way towards being a top-dog almost naturally.

There is something about cattle and excellent taste that appeals to you.

Some love can make progress towards duping well, and an be paired up, too.

Love secretly admonishes toward getting on an even keel of fair play, adjusting to the right partners.

Loves can make you feel better for having been with them.

Wild horses and lovers need plenty of room to roam so as to feel self-reliant.

LoCooperative thinking adjusts to life, and life adjusts to love and its surprises

Charm helps love on and up.

Much harmony may be had from acquiring more for herself and her kind.

A woman in love can afford cooperative thinking and such endeavours.

Lovers are served by staying tidy and fencing in their separaten identities, and also by guarding against letting the negative steal into their love-adjusted life together.

Harmonious living is served in part by shrewd and very sociable diplomacy.

Cooperating partners need to be fond of fair play among themselves at least.

Love makes us relish others to our liking, at times in surprising alleys.

Love may work at striking the right balance of social living.


A fool for love ignores handling love. IN SUM

  1. Love-given discussions and harmony matters, and so does "trespassing one another" in all right ways.
  2. Having ample space or room works towards duping almost naturally
  3. Cooperative thinking adjusts to life, and life adjusts to love and its surprises.

IN NUCE Great harmony tends to breed space for thinking one's own thoughts too.


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