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No. 8

Gain a Tao

Tarot 8

In the earliest Italian sources, the card is referred to as "Il Carro" (the Chariot), or "Il Carro Triumphale" (the Triumphal Chariot), and is associated with triumphal parades that were popular in Italy at the time the tarot was created. A regal warrior in a chariot drawn by two horses usually holds a scepter, sword, or orb to indicate his dominion. He is often crowned. In some decks, however, the figure is female, and in one deck she is nude - maybe an allegorical personification of victory, or perhaps mastery of wordly life and such things. [cf. Little]

LoSelf-discipline and brooding ones who are not much tamed, may soon evoke much and intense love and other feelings

A keen eye on many things may suit an ideal investigator.

Enduring, dynamic ones manage to gain ascendancy, and some also evoke strong, deep feelings.

She is helped by rising above contrasts if she can afford it.

She understands that even intense love comes to an end and loved ones disappear too.

To remain candid is a jewel.

She manages to postpone many thing, but can be highly self-disciplined.

Studied person may call for her complete respect and loyalty.

She may be found out as an intensely brooding, brilliant thinker.

As a lover she is penetratingly aware.

She may or may not be preoccupied with self-discipline directed towards you.

LoShe seeks triumphs from investigating and gauging much "up in the heights" first

Basically, secret encounters appeal to her, and so does very proficient thinking. All the same, she could prefer to work alone for a while, through her downright spiritual outlook.

She at times seeks triumphs far and wide.

Not a few breakthrough persons hold a special appeal.

Largely resourceful investigators may learn that the brush and brutish appearance can cost a lot.

LoShe swoops down on victims wholeheartedly and fast

Others find it rather easy to accept wholeheartedly that magnetic intensity even in first encounters.

Feelings pass in time, and inner joy, "true victor joy", remains. One should prepare for that.

Her ups and downs should be prepared for well in time.



  1. Self-discipline and brooding ones who are not much tamed, may soon evoke much and intense love and other feelings.
  2. She seeks triumphs from investigating and gauging much "up in the heights" first.
  3. She swoops down on victims wholeheartedly and fast.

IN NUCE On investigating disciplined ones far and wide, she finds them to be tamed and victims of a sort.


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