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No. 9

Gain a Tao

Tarot 9

The "Justice" picture invariably shows a woman with sword and scales. Almost always she is seated on a throne. She has a sword in one hand. And the kind of justice she does well to mete out in fair dealing with others, had better be neither selfish nor selfless, balanced and not too brutal.

LoKeep on fostering tact and knowledge so as not to go over board

To get good at fostering is a deep urge she has, and she is capable of learning things very, very well.

She should be able to become a fit sports coach too, yet could be a little lax.

Feeling free and easy, she offers tactless, gregarious humour, but is at times eager to share knowledge and truth from her sound explorations too.

To gain independence, one is to keep on fostering it while sticking to what is won all day long.

At heart very fond of travel, she seldom resists being equipped with a grand car.

Good confidence and optimism is rather easily channelled into philosophical outlets.

She finds that significance counts, but so do remarkable falls from horses too.

Her outright idealism debases none, and seldom her care at handling her good resources either.

For attracting a motley crew, dear knowledge can be key.

Dear knowledge makes wonderful parents.

The good fortune of having delightful thought patterns may be cultivated into old age.

She can get extremely cultivated in old age, and vulgar and extravagant in private spheres, offering endearing humour at times as she sees fit.

Distant travel and long-distance education may both be seen as having amply optimistic overtones. Long walks in the open country suit her too.

Her inner sense of staunch prudishness may be disguised by outward joviality.

She may have to make an effort to register opponents out of "better safe than sorry", or according to something like "a stitch in time saves nine", in order to tackle budding, complicated situations easily.

Successful marriage partners are hardly wasting their lives and precious time away, nor do they flare up over trifles - and travel is not for that either.

LoMaybe fun to look at, female warriors are still deadly to enemies

Caring for unreliable others can be a waste of time.

Naturally optimistic natures may learn to shoot very well.

An archer and sword fighter can be playful, flirtatious, skilled and gregariously fit for entertainment, not wholly unlike amazons - they excelled as horse-riding Scythian warrior women, and were described by ancient Greeks.

Many friends may be seen as unrealized problems.

"Do the right and get liable to back pains" is hardly her motto, after all.

Bright tact and clear-headed humour can and should enhance harmony, but does it? That could remain unsettled for some time.

She may come to conclude that many people associate on top of deep needs and urges, whether they know it or not, and that a good reinforcer should be jolly to look at, if not unfettered and roaming about, risking to become a playgirl. And yet, that a woman actress is turned into a playboy, could be masterly humour.

Advanced, she may become one of the staunchest friends of philosophy, whereas the mere show-off girl who may get too vain seem to lose a lot.

She may hope to realise that getting too affectionate and enthusiastic, and too idealistic may carry her far away from the good life she desires to live for herself and nearest of kin too. Afterwards she could decide to live a life of deep draughts and "to the brim" somehow, perhaps even in a variety of ways.

She has a profound and wide-ranging mind, and may easily get determined to get skilled in sex as though it was a sport, and there should be little harm in that!

Philosophically bent at times, law fare and politics should work for her, but she have to be on your guard for it to happen.

LoUndemanding relationships probably allow for having a good time away from the public

Responsible when looking after the elderly in the family, she still may have a charming sense of humour and grace without developing a strict regime or moralising fanaticism, for she is also curious.

Profiting from certain undemanding changes in the direction of the carefree, outgoing, optimistic individual, she ends up going for very savoury knowledge and tact eventually.

In her personal relationships she is wise if she controls her sexual nature in public. She should consider and weigh for having a good life, all in all, and also be prepared to defend herself for it. Many do. ✪ 

Intuitive and often original no matter how large the coaching challenge may bem she sees easily through the conceited and prefers having a good time.



  1. Keep on fostering tact and knowledge so as not to go over board.
  2. Maybe fun to look at, female warriors are still deadly to enemies.
  3. Undemanding relationships probably allow for having a good time away from the gory public attention.

IN NUCE Knowledge may be fun to look at, but undemanding as it may appear to some, it helps one to rise and get a a lot of good time.


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Farley, Helen. A Cultural History of Tarot: From Entertainment to Esotericism. London: I. B. Tauris, 2009. ⍽▢⍽ Helen Farley is Lecturer in Studies in Religion and Esotericism at the University of Queensland. Her book is a researched and well written study of tarot symbolism and the changing imagery in the cards. She explores ways in which the tarot reflects aspects of European culture from Medieval Italy until our times.

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