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Give advice to those who will heed your words and keep it in their ears (i.e. minds); don't waste your breath on others.

God gives according to the heart of each.

God lets man sink but not be drowned.

God sends pine to those who ask for pine, and wax to those who ask for wax. [Seek your provision from above, and thank too].

Good actions are rarely all lost. *

Good advice is given; good esteem is no given.

Good bait catches fine fish.

Good clothes open all doors.

Good counsel may be given but not good breeding.

Good counsel may come too late to be of help.

Good deeds remain, all things else perish.

Goodness is better than skin deep beauty. [2 in 1]

Grace could be natural. [Mod]

Great oaks from little acorn grow.

Great vices, as well as great virtues, make men famous.

Gut no fish till you get them.


Habit is more dogged than rabies.*

Hair will not grow on an egg.

Half a loaf is better than no bread.

Happiness comes from the health of soul.

Happy is he that is happy in his children.

Has there ever been a day without an evening? [Many good things must end at some time.]

Hasty climbers have sudden falls.

Hasty is the judgement of every fool.

Have two strings to your bow.

He considers ill that considers not both sides.

He is a fool that kisses the maid when he may kiss the mistress.

He is a good friend that speaks well of us behind our backs.

He is like a fish out of water.

He is wise that is ware in time.

He laughs best who laughs last.

He may give heartily who gives merely little [Mod].

He teaches ill, who teaches all. [This is an advise not to tell the learner everything, or even a lot at once. And "A ladder is climbed rung by rung" is behind graded teachings too.]

He that comes first to the hill may sit where he will.

He that forecasts all perils will never sail the sea.

He that goes far to be married, will either deceive or be deceived.

He that handles thorns unawares may smart for it.*

He that has done ill once will do it again.

He that is down need fear no fall.

He that is fallen cannot help him that is down.

He that is ill to himself will be good to nobody.

He that knows least commonly presumes most.

He that knows nothing, doubts nothing.

He that loves noise, must buy a pig.

He that mischief hatches, mischief catches.

He that prepares for ill, gives the blow a meeting and breaks its stroke.

He that respects not is not respected.

He that sows virtue, reaps fame.

He that speaks truth must have one foot in the stirrup.

He that strikes with his tongue must ward with his head.

He that thinks everyone is like himself is deceived.

He that travels far, knows how to.*

He that travels far, knows much.

He that will be rich before night, may be hanged before noon.

He that will cheat at play, will cheat you anyway.

He that will eat the kernel, must crack the nut.

He that would be old long/well old, must be old betimes.

He that would have eggs must endure the cackling of hens.

He who borrows gets sorrows.

He who can't bother to get married will have no children.

He who comes without invitation sits without cushion.

He who cuts down a shoot cuts down someone's head. [A person needlessly cutting down trees is a killer of a sort.]

He who desires to have children must be willing to endure their hardships.

He who does evil to another, has done it to himself.

He who does evil to others, has done it to himself.

He who eats his crops when they are green will go hungry at harvest time. [Many sorts of vegetables are harvested when they are green, though.]

He who endures the trouble knows what it is. [Every one knows best where the shoe pinches him.]

He who enters a bath will sweat. [Everybody may bear the consequence of their acts.]

He who falls into the sea will grasp at an eel. [A desperate man will face many a risk.*]

He who gives fair words, feeds you with an empty spoon.

He who has bitter in his breast spits not sweet.

He who has many vineyards has many cares.

He who has no bread has no authority.

He who has no peace in his home, is in hell on earth.

He who helps the enemy is also considered an enemy.

He who knows himself best esteems himself least.

He who knows not (i.e. fears not) God does not benefit from such as baldness. [Partial]

He who plants a walnut-tree may not eat of its fruit.* [It takes 6-8 years after the seedlings are planted, till the first walnuts appear. And some walnut trees don't bear walnuts.]

He who puts a donkey up on a roof has to get it down again himself.

He who saves his ship is the captain. [A clever man can weigh up the situation and gain quickly.]

He who sets out on a journey without guidance loses his way.

He who throws a stone at his relatives will never prosper, give the kinsman his due. [Charity begins at home, but which home?*]

He who wants a mule without fault must walk on foot.

He who would catch fish must not mind getting wet.

He who would hang his dog gives out first that it is mad.

He whose account is clean will have a happy face. [Happiness comes from the health of soul.]

Health and wealth create beauty.

Health is better than wealth.

Health is not valued till illness comes.

Hear much, speak little.

High places have their precipices.

Himself an old man in need of help, how can he help another?

His actions speak themselves.

His bark is worse than his bite.

Hoist your sail when the wind is fair.

Hold fast when you have it.

Hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

Hope often deludes the foolish man.

Hope often deludes the foolish man.

How we live [co]determines how we die.


I would rather have an donkey that carries me than a horse that throws me.

If a dog's prayers were answered, bones would rain from the sky.

If a man anticipated his death, he would dig his own grave.

If a stone falls on an egg, it is bad for the egg; if an egg falls on a stone, it is still bad for the egg.

If a tree afford you shade, don't cut it down. When the tree falls, the shade is gone.

"If' and "when" were planted, and "nothing" grew.

If cats had wings, sparrows would become extinct.

If everyone were of the same mind, there couldn't be a shepherd for sheep.

If everyone were of the same mind, there would be no market in Bilecik.

If everyone would go to heaven, hell would be empty.

If I spit downward, (I defile) my beard; if upward, my moustache. [It is a difficult situation.]

If the carriage is not greased, it will not move on. [Finally.]

If the partridge had the woodcock's thing, it would be the best bird that ever fly. Speak without ifs and ands.

If the wind does not blow, the leaves do not move.

If the world is flooded, it will be easy for the duck.

If wishes were butter cakes, beggars might bite.

If you cannot bite never show your teeth.

If you corner a cat, it will jump on you.

If you deal with a fox, think of his tricks.

If you don't know how to swim, why are you at the seashore?

If you have fallen, then cling to the ground.

If you have wicked children, of what use is money; and if good, again, of what use is it?

If you leap into a well, providence is not bound to fetch you out.

If you lie down with hogs, you will get up with fleas.

If you look after it it will become a vineyard; if you don't, a barren field.

If you speak the truth, keep a foot in the stirrup.

If you trust before you try, you may repent before you die.

If you wish to know a man, give him authority.

If your head be without pain don't thrust it into trouble. [When you are well hold yourself so.]

In a great river, great fish are found, but take heed to avoid getting drowned.

In fair weather prepare foul.

In for a penny, in for a pound.

In many words, a lie or two may escape.

In the absence of qualified men, the ignorants will rule.

In truth is right.

Incline not toward those who do wrong lest the fire touch you.

Instead of having a handful of gold, it [could be better] to have a handful of earth (i.e. a piece of land).

Iron that works does not rust. [Meaning: One has to practise to keep up one's performance.]

Iron with use grows bright.

Isn't another's example enough for you? [One man's fault is another man's lesson.]

It could be better to have an ugly husband than none.*

It has snowed on trees with red cherries. [Even very unlikely things sometimes happen.]

It is a bad bird that fouls its own nest.

It is a dirty bird that fouls its own nest.

It is a long road that has no turning.

It is a poor heart that never rejoices.

It is an ill bird that fouls its own nest.

It is better to be born lucky than rich.

It is better to misplace our charity on nine unworthy persons than to deny alms to one that is really in need.

It is easy for a bachelor to divorce a wife. (Said to a person who demands to be helped out of a difficulty for which he himself is responsible.)[*From a safe port one can luckily advise comfortably.]

It is good to be merry and wise.

It is good to strike the serpent's head with your enemy's head.

It is hard to teach an old dog tricks.

It is no play where one greets [weeps] and another laughs.

It is not by saying, Honey, honey, that sweetness comes into the mouth.

It is not how long, but how well we live.

It is not in speaking continually of honey that sweetness comes into the mouth.

It is not what is eaten but what is digested that nourishes the body.

It is the first step that is troublesome.

It is the squalling child that gets the milk.

It is too late to husband when all is spent.

It is too late to spare when the bottom is bare (when all is spent).

It matters less to a person where they are born than where they can live.

It may be better to have honour than wealth.*

It's easy to be wise after the event.


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