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Take many counsellors, but don't abandon the counsel of your own heart.

Take the currycomb and go into the stable, the one with the saddlegall will flinch. [When there is an investigation, a guilty person may betrays himself by nervous fidgeting and anxiety.]

Tell me who your friend is, and I'll tell you who you are. [Tell me what company you keep, and I'll tell you who you are.]

Tell me your company and I'll tell you your manners.

The angry beggar is left with an empty bag. [Poverty and anger don't agree.]

The apple never falls far from the tree.

The bad neighbour forces one to have one's own pots and pans.

The barrel smells after the first wine

The bears in the mountains eat the best of pears.

The best laid plans fail.

The best of words are spoken as jokes. • Many a true word is spoken in jest. • Many an earnest word is spoken in jest.

The best remedy against an ill man is much ground between.

The best throw of the dice is to throw them away.

The bird is known by his note, the man by his words.

The biter is sometimes bit.

The blackness of soot is cleaned, but the blackness face (i.e. shame) is not.

The branch shows the tree.

The bright coin is kept for dark days. [Money saved can come to one's rescue in a time of need.

The butcher minds the fattening, but the goat the slaughter.

The camel never sees its own hump, but that of its brother is always before its eyes.

The cat would eat fish but dislike to wet its feet.

The command of custom is great.

The condition of the lover is evident from his words and expressions.

The cord breaks at last by the weakest pull.

The cow knows not what her tail is worth till she has lost it.

The cow that has died used to give a lot of milk.

The cure for old age is the grave.

The devil looks after his own.

The devil wipes his tail with the poor man's pride.

The donkey's plan is different from than that of the rider's.

The early bird gets the worm.

The eye sees only what it has the power of seeing.

The eye that sees all things else doesn't see itself.

The eyes are the window of the soul.

The fire burns the place where it falls.

The first step is the hardest.

The girl should be married off while she has suitors. [Partial]

The goat drank wine and went up the mountain to look for wolves.

The goat has a beard too.

"The grapes are sour," the fox said when he could not reach them.

The great thieves hang the little ones.

The greatest step is that out of doors.

The ground has ears. [Fields, hedges, and woods and walls, all have ears. Meaning: Be careful so that unwanted listeners may not overhear you.]

The hare is in the mountain, but the soup water is on the fire. [The situation may soon change.]

The hated man seldom ends well.

The kick of a quiet horse is hard. [The quiet man's anger can get most dangerous.]

The knife does not make the cook.

The leeful man is the beggar's brother.

The master's eye is a groom for the horse. [If the owner of a business cares about its keys of success, his workers might also do a good job.]

The middle of every thing is good.

The mill cannot grind with the water that is past.

The mill won't turn with carried water.

The moon does not heed the barking of dogs.

The more one knows, the less one believes.

The mouse that has but one hole is quickly caught.

The nightingale was put in a golden cage, but it cried for its home. Freedom is better than gold.

The nose of him whose guide is a crow will never get out of the shit.

The one who asks has one side of his face dark; the one who refuses to give has both sides dark. [Used to put the shame or burden on the side that can give but refuses to do so.]

The one who burns his mouth for drinking milk too hot, eats even yogurt carefully. [Experiences teach people to be more cautious.]

The one who enters a Turkish bath is in for sweating [Mod]. [On bearing consequences of one's choices somehow.]

The owl thinks all her young ones beauties.

The physician prescribes the medicine, the vulture waits for the body.

The place of your birth is less important than how you live.

The poor man seeks for food, the rich man for an appetite.

The priest likes a dead man. [Abr.] [Everyone is wrapped up in his own concerns.]

The quietness of the cat lasts till he sees the mouse.

The real friend tells the bitter truth. [Used to soften the blow when a friend needs to give some unpleasant advice.]

The rotten apple injures its neighbours.

The seashore is never free of waves. [Some places seem to attract waves, or trouble.]

The shame of a bald man is hidden by the cap.

The sheep separated from the flock can get eaten by the wolf [Mod.[Used to encourage a person to keep a useful and classy network and group somehow.]

The sheep separated from the flock is eaten by the wolf.

The shroud has no pockets. (Spend your wealth wisely and do good before wearing one.)

The stone of patience cracked. [There may be a limit to one's patience.]

The stone that lies in your gate won't break your toes. [i.e. The stone that doesn't lie in my way need not offend me.]

The strength of a chain is in the weakest link. [A chain is no stronger than its weakest link.]

The submitting to one wrong brings on another.

The thief is sorry he is to be hanged, but not that he is a thief.

The thing which is rare is dear. [It often happens.]

The thread breaks where it is weakest. [Trouble begins at a weak spot.]

The tide must be taken when it comes.

The tool does the work but the hand is proud of it. [The real work is often done by people who don't get the credit for it.]

The true worth of a person comes out when he is working.

The village that one can see requires no guide.

The wealth of the world is not reliable.

The wolf changes his skin, but not his nature.

The wolf eats of the sheep that have been warned.

The wolf may lose his teeth, but never his nature.

The woolly sheep is easy to shear. [Partial]

The workman is known by his work.

The world is a large inn, he who settles there also moves away.

The world's coin is ingratitude.

The worst wheel of the cart creaks the most.

The worth of a thing is best known by the want of it.

The worth of gold is due to its scarcity [ - as for yellow corn, its abundance too.]

The young cock crows as he hears the old one.

There are friends and friends. [Different sorts of friends, and maybe so-called friends also.]

There are many who throw stones at a red apple. [Something of value may not be riskily exposed.)

There comes nought out of the sack but what was there.

There is a madman in every house, but in our house everybody is mad.

There is a scorpion under every stone.

There is comfort in changing of places. [Maybe. Compare: Moving is dying a little (French) How a move affects us, depends on how the moving is done, the conditions left, and the conditions gained. Moving to a better place and getting friends and good neighbours there, helps striking roots to thrive by.]

There is no garden without its weed. [Poison seems to do away with "weeds", but at a price.]

There is no rose without thorns. [Usually.]

There is no rule without an exception. [What about this one?]

There is nothing lost by civility. [Often. With senseless civility it may be different.]

There's naught so queer as folk.

They asked for vinegar from he who claimed that his vinegar was forty years old; his answer was "If I had given to all who asked for it, would I still have vinegar of forty years?"

They asked the camel why its neck was curved. "What of me is straight?" it said.

They call "past" a thing that is past.

They call you "generous" and make you lose your property, they call you "brave" and make you lose your life. [Watch out, accordingly.]

They put the nightingale in a golden cage, it still craved for its country. [Golden cages and golden fetters are signs of inherently menial conditions. What about the nobility?]

They put up minds for sale on the market, everyone liked his own mind.

They throw stones at a tree with fruit. (The trees that bear fruit are stoned to make fruits fall down and be taken. Also: The good and talented may be envied and criticised a lot.)

They told the poor man it was snowing, and he said "I'm ready to shiver." [The poor get hardships.]

They who live longest, [may] see most.

They will soon enough cut off the head of a cock that crows before it is time.*

Things are not always what they seem.

Think first and speak afterwards.

Think on the end before you begin.

Those aspiring to higher positions must be equipped with enough talent or equipment, or otherwise foolish ambition may be the cause of their downfall.

Those with a vineyard in the hill have a burning brand in their hearts. [Having properties don't mean you are free from cares and worries.]

Though the proverb is abandoned, it is not falsified.

Time stays not the fool's leisure.

Timidity prevents progress.

To a bachelor, divorcing a wife comes easy. – Divorcing a wife is easy for a single guy. [The outsider may lack significant or telling information.]

To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

To be penitent at long last is no use.

To deceive oneself is very easy.

To do good to an ungrateful man is to throw rosewater in the sea.

To exceed is as bad as to fall short.

To pull even a single hair from a pig is a gain. [- a stingy or unfriendly man.]

To speak of honey will not make the mouth sweet.

To the wise, the noise of a gnat suffices, to the unwise the sound of a bass drum not.

Today a good cheer, tomorrow on the bier.

Today to me but tomorrow to you.

Tomorrow is another day.

Too late to cut a stick when the fight is over.

Too many cooks make the porridge too salty.

Too many cooks spoil the broth.

Too much hope deceives.

Too much of a thing can be good for nothing.*

Too much sympathy with the unfortunate makes you unhappy.

Trust is a mother of deceit.*

Trust is good, but distrust is better.

Trust not a woman when she weeps.

Trusting too much to others is the ruin of many.

Truth breeds hatred.

Two blacks don't make a white.

Two cocks won't crow on the same dunghill.


United we stand, divided we fall.

Unless a job is begun, it can never be finished.

Unless the oven is hot, bread will not bake.

Use makes mastery.


Venture a small fish and catch a great one.

Verdicts are pronounced according to the way the matter is presented. [The result depends on how the case is presented.]

Virtue shows itself.

Vows made in storms are forgotten in calms.


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