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Due Care
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Due Care

It should pay to be careful, taking care, showing fit regard, attentive concern when it matters; showing wary caution and prudence so as not to fail. A part of being careful is avoiding errors and omissions. At times it is proper attention to detail that is the thing, at other times it is being cautious to avoid mistakes. At still other times proper and fitting attentiveness to fine points could be the thing to aim at.

If you have not learnt to Taking Care in the realm of words, a proverb may come in handy: "Big words don't fatten the cabbage." One should guard oneself against being taken in and duped by big words, fine-sounding words and phrases on the other hand, and seek to be accurate and fair enough in presenting things oneself. Here is help if applied somewhat. And try to ask for evidence - that can be big help. Click on 'Reservations' above to find further ideas in the field of accurate expressions, being carefully, meticulously guarded, and so onb.

Finish too

During the Winter Olympics in Lillehammer several years ago someone was interviewing Kjell Aamodt who ultimately won the slalom: "Kjell, this is the greatest collection of skiers on the most difficult course ever designed. What's it going to take to medal today?"

Aamodt said: "Well, I think you have to finish first, second, or third."

[Tom Bergstrom]

Winning ways may not be so easily arrived at and maintained. Good schooling helps, and adequate mathematics too.

Insider teachings may be arrived at through cracking metaphors open; and decoding secrets. Some are good, some are fair.

Think of an impressionistic painter. There are perhaps symbolic items in his drawings. After some time experts think they have arrived at his meanings by cracking his subtle symbolism. And yet it shows up that the originality and focus of each individual expert lends something of him or her to the painting, like a colouring applied to it, figuratively speaking.

Judged from this and much else, plan your responses by being tough and reserved enough: stick solidly to the well established responses till you feel sure you have grasped something very valuable and can afford to promote it. The latter part may eventually cost more than you're initially aware of.

So study so as to Taking Care, as part of the tactical sides to living too.

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