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The sacred Naimisha forest abounded in flowers, trees, birds and beasts, cows and cattle, barley wheat, chick peas, pulses, beans, sesamum and sugarcane and other plants. The charming forest was adorned by stocks of paddy and other fresh vegetables.

Many sages remained there by a sacred fire for twelve years, and brahmins gathered too. A well-known disciple of Vyasa arrived. The sages wanted to clear their doubts, and said to him, "Highly intelligent one, you are omniscient. We desire to know how this entire world originated." (1.17-18)

Vyasa's disciple said a lot to them, and the following is in part contracted:



The universal Spirit is immutable. (1.22)

This entire universe is evolved from, abides in and gets dissolved in the bestower of liberation - sages attain eternal liberation. (1.1-3)

He is beyond the states of the manifest. Omnipresent and unageing he is pure space-like and comprehensible through meditation.

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Shastri, J. H. ed. 1985. Brahma Purana. 4 Parts (4 Vols). Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass.

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