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Vedanta, Hinduism and Exponents

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Vedanta, Hinduism, Notables Vedanta means "Veda-end". The term was first used for the Upanishad texts with their pivoting and lofty concepts. The oldest dozen or so of these scriptures are the principal ones.

Vedanta today is an orthodox, philosophical school of Hinduism, rooted in ancient Upanishads. Vedanta is concerned with ideas about reality and the world, interpreting three basic texts. They are The Upanishads, The Brahma Sutras and The Bhagavad Gita, and Vedanta teachers have authored many commentaries on them. The best known exponent is Adi Shankara. Vedanta also contains sub-schools with quite differering doctrines on some issues.

Hinduism is very comprehensive. It is also known as Sanatan Dharma, "eternal law and righteousness" etc. Rooted in the hoary Veda scriptures, it prescribes honesty among other virtues.



SURYA WALL PENDANT- Brilliant Hinduism

"Love is not merely saying, it is doing (American proverb)." The same holds good for great Hinduism. Try to stay out of cult plots to profit from the sane or pure teachings it brings.

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