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Threads of Gold: Tao Work
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The page has three parts:

  1. Savoury motivations of three kinds:
    1. Fit for one's good old group's cohesion and thriving one way or another;
    2. For dealing with outright enemies or opposing elements that never meant friendly love;
    3. Strongly adjusted to advancing, maximising or better group handiness, as the case may be. In some cases group belongingness may be built up.
  2. Added material:
    1. Legitimation 1 and 2;
    2. Great, disarming modulations added to the content;
    3. Handy tips for linking up nicely outside of the family - admittedly in gross terms.
  3. Careful diplomacy comes next. There are a few hints on it; it's not always enough to look sweet.

1. Motivations

We discern between three main types of motivations:

  1. Good, at least sensible "we-aims" aligned to "What's good for the goose needs to be good for the gander."
  2. Dealing with opponents - There is a lot of competition and its opponents in the human realm.
  3. Large, common goals to serve in a good setting - if you're friends, or by common or large agreement (consensus). These also serve as conformity-ensuring standards.

1a. "We-Aims" - A Sample

  • We love to look savoury - well, at least fit for most part.
  • We're dedicated to basic usefulness and not ruefulness in itself (1)
  • We're basically handy and marked by usefulness.
  • We're better served by advancing the stouter-looking fare.
  • We had better foster the more complete fare.
  • We should aid a more whole-hearted fare.
  • We steadily promote individual attainments.
  • We want to promote the good life, even la dolce vita.
  • We're far from promiscuous in gross outline.
  • We're sound and tidy and need to keep it up that way.
  • We need to be well enough guarded
  • We have to remain culinary as to the mainframe
  • We don't want to deal in dreadful and misery-making things.
  • We're outright dedicated to a decent and jolly fare.
  • We prefer to stay fair and not overly biased.
  • We find that what's incredibly smart and useful is long-range good for us.
  • We find a good "thing" well enough nuanced and tidy to look at. ◊
  • We shouldn't get too blunt
  • We have to stick to what is preferably cosy or at hand.
  • We're served by what's signified with accuracy and well nuanced for most part.
  • We find that what's very concrete and tidy is fit and sound: no need to get biased then.
  • We're served by what' very often taken to be practical for us
  • We're served by tidy means and knowledge in cogent order.
  • We very often need further, stringed accuracy on top of handy ordered "things" (i.e. know-how)
  • We hope that solid know-how helps against sordid mess, scapegoating or confusion.
  • We love what's artistic
  • We stay with what's really useful and preferably pretty to look at too.
  • We need what's relevant and often concrete, preferably tidy as well (3)
  • We're served by what's culinary and can stand on top of even aristocratic-looking sturdiness
  • We find that what aids suave (bland) handling functions, perhaps well aspected too. ◊
  • We're served by what's truly serviceable in the long run and artistically rustic-looking, too.
  • We're heading for decent modesty and what it requires, many a time.
  • We're fond of yielding to better knowledge.
  • We need to keep on bulwarking for a healthy fare or similar measures (strides) (5)
  • We're not fond of the heart-breaking kind.
  • We don't need to scar or scare innocent bystanders.
  • We love to keep fit, good to look at and healthy - well, fit for most part.
  • We love to be clean in deals and so on.
  • We're fond of what's handy to look at, as handy as can be.
  • What's decent all over is preferred.
  • We're sifting and nearing to the quite central items.
  • We should give a healthful fare enough time and good conditions to grow stout and tall.
  • We're not fond of dwarfing things and people.
  • We see that what's good and worthy can be stark, sometimes like great, novel art - it depends.
  • We should live so that at times we can lend a hand professionally at best.

1b: Dealing with Opponents - A Sample

  • To mess up an enemy is no small thing in itself . . .
  • Other souls had better get dedicated to menial service and not ruefulness in any way.
  • Other souls had better get basically handy and marked by usefulness.
  • Other souls had better serve us tactfully so as to advance their stouter-looking fare.
  • Other souls had better foster a lot for the more complete fare.
  • Other souls should aid a more whole-hearted fare.
  • Other souls have to promote their own, inherently individual attainments rather steadily.
  • Other souls have to sacrifice more for the good life.
  • Other souls should not turn promiscuous in gross outline.
  • Other souls should get sound and tidy and need to keep it up that way.
  • Other souls need to be careful to steer out of trouble.
  • Other souls have to remain culinary and tidy up a bit.
  • Other souls have to refrain from all sorts of dreadful and misery-making things.
  • Other souls had better get outright dedicated to a decent and jolly fare.
  • Other souls have to stay fair and not too biased to stay with us.
  • Other souls should hope that what's incredibly smart and useful to us is long-range good for them too.
  • Other souls need to know or be told a good "thing" must be well enough nuanced and tidy to look at. ◊
  • Other souls can't get importune, rude and blunt in our face.
  • Other souls are steered by or function all right in a fare that promotes what's preferably cosy in wait.
  • Other souls may be told their baits with accuracy and well nuanced for most part.
  • Other souls freak out if dropping or leaving what's concrete and tidy - fit and sound.
  • Other souls turn ridiculously biased from leaving concrete tidiness.
  • Other souls hate to serve what' really practical for us
  • Other souls can get served by matters inferior to ours and love messy shraps of know-how too.
  • Other souls can be helped on top of our instrumental know-how if they're non-plotting.
  • Other souls can be helped by accessories on top of our instrumental know-how if non-plotting against us.
  • Other souls hope that solid know-how helps.
  • To confuse a real enemy is not as mean as it looks like.
  • A stout enemy is dangerous, ever dangerous.
  • Lots of other souls happen to love what's pretty to look at, even if expensive, little lasting and to their ruin.
  • Other souls may serve what's culinary without reaching up to owning it - it's aristocracy's force.
  • It helps to be suave to newcomers to turn them off from being enemies inside.
  • Other souls can be made truly serviceable by top-dog fear or respect in the long run.
  • Other souls should be decently modest and do what tact requires, mainly.
  • Other souls have to yield through what's called utterly fair, or soap opera knowledge.
  • Other souls should stop bulwarking for a healthy fare or similar strides to ease our way on and up. (C)
  • Other souls should not turn into heart-breakers.
  • Other souls have to be all-right-stopped, before things turn nasty for the whole planet.
  • Other souls we don't need, may be turned decadent.
  • Bad souls around can be locked in a solvency-looting fare where they try to get fit and clothed like goofs.
  • What we call decent all over is the preferred good for others.
  • Stop other souls from sifting and nearing to very central matters at stake.
  • Victimised souls that give too bountifully, even themselves somehow, shouldn't discover that menace.
  • Other souls turned dwarfed are called ugly to look at.
  • What's called good and worthy needs to be impressed on others; then they can stick to it.
  • Other souls may lend and lose while we get professional at its best on top of it.

1c. Large, Common Concerns and Goals - A Sample

  • Tidy and careful for most part suggests lives well lived.
  • Folk goals are to be dedicated to basic usefulness and not rueful in itself (1)
  • Truly good goals are to remain basically handy - it's marked by usefulness.
  • Really relevant goals don't help scoundrels on and up.
  • Useful goals need to be dedicated to some stouter-looking fare.
  • Bright and useful goals are to foster a more complete fare.
  • Fine goals take part in aiding a more whole-hearted fare.
  • Advancing individual attainments.
  • Promoting good life.
  • Not promiscuous in gross outline.
  • Sound and well enough guarded
  • Culinary as to the mainframe, sort of.
  • They are to be not dreadful at all.
  • Dedicated to a decent fare.
  • Preferably fair - not biased.
  • Incredibly useful.
  • Well enough nuanced and tidy to look at. ◊
  • Not too blunt - preferably cosy or at hand.
  • Signifies with accuracy and well nuanced for most part.
  • Concrete without getting biased.
  • Very often taken as practical for us
  • Often having to do with stringed accuracy to avoid scapegoating or confusion.
  • Useful and preferably pretty to look at too.
  • Relevant and often concrete, preferably tidy as well
  • Culinary can stand on top of even aristocratic-looking sturdiness
  • Suave (bland) - perhaps well aspected too. ◊
  • Serviceable in the long run - rustic-looking, too.
  • Decent modesty requires it many times.
  • Yielding or bulwarking some healthful fare or similar measures (strides)
  • Not heart-breaking, and hardly scarring innocent bystanders.
  • Good and healthy - and fit for most part - and clean in one way or other.
  • Is handy to look at, or as handy as can be - decent all over is preferred.
  • Often quite central.
  • Giving healthful fare(s) time enough to grow tall.
  • Can be stark, sometimes like great, novel art - it depends.
  • Giving an able hand, or leading up to that.


2. Legitimations

These are titbits for educational ends

Sound legitimations and careful modulations of arrays matter:

  1. CONCERNS: Legitimations happen to show concerns - and even strife - that can evolve great considerations in time. Proverbs reflect that well. We deal in two kinds here: (1) The direct, ongoing or activity-helping ones; (2) "It-seems-to-me"-considerations and plutt-plutt (jabbering) instead of frankness in opposition or a minority. Let others call the latter ones "old academic reservations" if they like. The best legitimations are solid to look at, and very often what motivations play upon, and should look sound - at least to someone. And did you know careful considerations can be used to outwit or pacify opposition? You may try it -

  2. MODULATIONS are used to look savoury and eliminate or get rid of set-backs.

  3. LINKING UP carefully and full well needs to be in order to deal with "road-blocks". It most often means methodically and its best shots fit in nicely and even fully. Alignments need to be careful and should serve professionalism later on. We link up methodically and full well if we're basically served from it - we even should. True politeness and tact is useful too.

2a.1 - Legitimation sample

  • Someone has to die so that others may live ... (The Christian's persuasion)
  • It most often behoves us to (act like men, said the devil)
  • It quite often pays to
  • It's for the sake of lessening gross harm
  • It's for the sake of lessening indignity
  • It's for the sake of lessening dangers
  • It's for the sake of escaping a death or three -
  • It seems self-evident to us - at least for now ...
  • No reasons should be given - (Looking proud)
  • It's usefulness speaks for itself, I dare say.
  • It looks jolly good, basically just that.
  • It seems aesthetically long-range appealing.
  • It fosters a good life somehow.
  • It seems to me (us) that you could be a little served thus -
  • Etc.

2a.2 - Further sample

  • Yep, we have to get well allied to the mere seemingness of things ... maybe never.
  • It could help if carefully "lifted" into the figurative arts - by some artistic means.
  • It's best to avoid blunt indignity, I find.
  • At best I'm perhaps disagreeing, maybe even in principle - and it could seem like that at times -
  • And it could probably seem that way to some, and if better geared somehow.
  • Things could seem like that under better conditions.
  • If cleared and made fit and stringent, culinary plump -
  • If made serviceable, tidy and very cosy, it could very well fit in somewhere, somehow, if not yet.
  • A good thing can be culinary plump, tidy and cosy.
  • Better sub specie aeternitatis, perhaps.
  • Well, there are things not known yet - it could fit on some other levels of proficiency or something.
  • If considered from certain and still better angles, these things could happen.
  • according to this or that hitherto ungauged probability estimate.
  • Maybe eventually if carefully "shaved", tidied or given more time to prove its inherent mettle.
  • Maybe nowadays in an odd sort of way, and maybe never - you can hardly tell.
  • In a handy, rustic, rough outline.
  • Well, maybe, all sure things and many more considered, after all and no matter how -
  • In other words, there could be more nuances to consider and ponder.
  • Gentlemen, it could prove to be a probable outline involved - well, hopefully.
  • Not all seems out of place - and not for someone else.
  • In one way or another this could be no little thing to consider.
  • The best of it could be statistically verified later on.
  • If I have to state anything in such a matter, let it be this, perhaps to be modified ruthlessly later.
  • For some time this may be counted on as real proficiency, right or wrong - I won't go into that.
  • If it fits, it is also to be dissected later, if decency bids.
  • Perhaps a whole lot of it all could profit from better ascertainment eventually.
  • I could figure and suppose, but that often doesn't help.
  • Life could be a give and take thing in itself - so what about this - what about that?

2b. Modulations sample

  • How? Perhaps in well mannered ways.
  • How? As politely and bland as needs be.
  • How? To stay apt.
  • How? In no silly manner
  • How? Without unneeded fuss and ado
  • How? As artfully as can be under the circumstances.
  • Well, one way or another, somehow or other, or anyhow
  • Well, at times
  • Well, even fairly often, it seems to me.

2c. Linking up, sample

  • We should be much aligned to university professors and old teachers.
  • Well aligned to the best from foremost areas in their possible heydays.
  • Aligned with staunch classics - or their best shots.
  • Aligned to doctorate students.
  • Aligned to sagacity itself.
  • All-round aligned to doctors.
  • Aligned to what looks good and acceptable in one's main settings.
  • Aligned to foremost men, even some without university diplomas, like Plato, Aristotle (etc.)
  • Aligned with good university textbooks.
  • Aligned to foremost publishers world-wide, preferably university publishers.
  • Aligned with what looks tedious to newcomers.
  • Aligned with what makes opponents look ludicrous.
  • Aligned with what gives profitable setttings or a fare straight towards it.

To remain adequately careful, polite, and guarded comes in addition.


3 - Diplomacy

In part slapstick-looking, but in essence useful

Good, favourable and careful study of the cognitive items here on this page, helps better thinking in general. If things then go well or better, a sure indication is that you don't sit alone and swear in the night. Another sign is that your penis is not crushed. Let it be a little sign of self-independence and true assertiveness.

If you make use of our know-how in the art of formulation, a lot of maybe's should be added by yourself:

  • Do keep to to such as lovely tact with intrinsic consistency in the use and among as many co-working items as you well-nigh can.
  • You can disarm many through synergistic workings with conditions, the larger fare you're inside, while keeping to your main end goals in view.
  • Don't lose any current or large, future favours from it.
  • Stay well, let good heritage remain intact and keep your gunpowder dry. Don't let loose the wolf either, not till you're in safety.

Master things in time, for there are often many a need for a head start and becoming advancingly functional in some ways or waters (terrains). Being in time tends to help. Have good gear (outfit) on top of or in addition to these facets of the art of presenting oneself and own findings, starting from scratch or better.

Then you have to know how to preserve your valued assets.


Summary with end note

In this survey we have been into three parts:

(1) One that deals with common motivations: (a) open and friendly; (b) Underhand sorts; and (c) Organic-looking, fit for new friendships.

(2) The second part deals with open-ended educative legitimation, or justifications of two sorts: (a) Constructive; (b) Advancing oneself or one's ends in a pucker, minority or in the face of opposition - Besides there are modulations that can be added to any utterance (proposition, assertion) to make it look fluid, or to bolster it somehow, to make it less biting or wilful-looking. - Finally, linking oneself or one's stuff to good and reliable persons is good, whereas linking oneself to bigwigs may lead downhill towards being made use of in many hundred ways as time goes by.

(3) The third part shows very general ways of handling routines and encounters smartly. Blandness and tact are great helpers in a civilised society. Politeness pays a lot of times.

End note

You can be of this persuasion: To get it cosy is not all bad. Crime pays lots of times. Careful study leads to better mastery in general. And this little array of standards or norms that often drift and float under the surface of items and assertions, is real help against getting hoodwinked. The hoodwinked guy can become brainwashed next. There is no need for that.

This looks like real help towards mastery of the art of living or expressing more poignantly - but you have to do a lot yourself. That's one of the more solid parts of self-assertiveness, self-mastery and what artistry in the long art of solid living leads up to. In the meantime, you can have lots of fun from this long series of slogans to add and mix for "how to live" or "how to express solidly yourself". It can all help boldness on and up.

To function fluently, candidly and masterfully in your own right isn't too bad either . . . Now, drop me a note if things get wonderful, but not too wonderful to speak about.



Harvesting the hay

Symbols, brackets, signs and text icons explained: (1) Text markers(2) Digesting.

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