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Root Contents Study figure 1 somewhat and the import of the mnemonic nose device to the right might dawn on you.

The existentialist teachings are laid bare on these two pages too:

Gold Eggs A

Gold Eggs B

Figure 1. Tick tack tao figure with its first ten beads numbered. Simplifed design.


The following structural scheme is the backbone of many pages here Characteristic features of its first beads (figure 1) are enumerated. Some presentations of the trek of "beads", or stations of the all right accomplishents in life, are simplifications of this one.

Some allotted, dominant qualities - i.e. quite standard descriptors
  Lo Tick part
1 Loose, tentative norms: Initial concerns and considerations. Looming, tentative considerations.
2 More classy considerations. A bit plump, but sort of scanned considerations as to what to do - possibly or eventually: suggesting "look before you leap." Considering norms to go on in or by at times. Quite large concerns.
  Lo Tack part
3 A sort of homing. Straight and softly classified or ranked half-norms. Possible, identifiable semi-norms, group welcome, accepted standards for insider comme il faut (good customs) and so on. I consider this level to be the good platform for such as sound , tidy home keeping. Softly grouped ("classified'") norms - straight and softly classified or ranked half-norms. Possible, identifiable semi-norms, group welcome, accepted standards for insider comme il faut (good customs) and so on. I consider this level to be the good platform for such as sound and tidy home keeping.
4 Strained half-norms and similar standards for attaining some target. Well purged or rectified half-norms with that end in view. Sifted tenets - that should aim at stringency. Regular norms, quite "British" or frisk to look at.
  Lo Tao part
5 A YOGA (UNION) LEVEL ATTAINED - Cream norms that may be sifted and put to use by "beads on a string" for most part. Try and be cogent and brighter. If often helps at this serialised stage. Cream norms that may be sifted and put to use by "beads on a string" for most part. Here is the serial number for showing of best assets, or good features, as the case may be. Things can vary. There is, typically, a secret hum of warm welcome around here - maybe not. It depends on how well your winning instincts are understood and accepted initially. Here you hope to divulge in such as cream norms or winner features that may be sifted and put to use by "beads on a string" for most part.
6 Welcoming Hands A WAY - Starting from the origo of the figure, here is the fruit or essence of what hard or common work and need for outfit may lead to: welcoming arms, or ways and means for handy living, perchance. Here is room for well and cleverly applied, well grouped, rounded, or smoothed or sifted norms. Here is the probable (theorised) switch from learning to applying something - preferably the best parts - of the learnt. Here is the point of Tao welcome according to our model. You may need to be witty also, not only cogent and fair to look at. All-round stringency on top of sorted out titbits from below or earlier in the advancement fabric, so to speak, is what is called for, a bit rough reduplication of easy and fair enough good world. Applying: Loose application or organisation of the insider standards on top of first part (called f). Much organisation needed. Need: neat or cosy implementation without lookng snub. Applied, well grouped, sifted norms. Acrivities have to do with well applied, basically grounded and over-all well grouped, sifted norms.
7 Better sifted norms or more smoothed, tailored norms or standards for doing a lot of things - talking like a nuisance. Here is manifested ado if given a fair and well grounded welcome. There can be rashness. One may have to tone down much or make one's handling activity smoother to look at.
8 Still more sifted or refined for nice doings and over-all attainments. Can be teasing and appropriate. Needs a good school to adhere to, possibly. Has to depend on still better sifted, neatly cemented or bulwarked working norms. they can be a bit tough on opponents at times. Still better, well grouped, sifted norms. More and more refined work makes accumulation of wealth more and more possible. Let's hope that.
9 Losing troubles, getting out of the nasty side of life, or getting more and better out of the nasty side of life. Instinctual life loses a bit for information and know-how, but that can be OK if fairness is well taken care of.
10 This is the big run. There is a need to solidify a lot. For the sake of balances you get more ready for the next, qualitatively improved step. It's away from Eden's naivite. Here is often endearing fun and love of art, but maybe not heart-warming enough any longer. You could go for doing well to someone: seem British or pertinent enough. Here you are ready for another switch into administering plots of your own. You may get geared for that, or you have to understand more and better to make things run, before you have to aim higher than is most often fun for old people.Getting more ready for the next, qualitatively improved step away from Eden's naivite. Often fun, but maybe not heart-warming enough any longer. Go for doing well to someone: seem British or pertinent enough.
  Lo Fourth part (seldom shown, though)
11 YOU LEARN TO ADMINISTER THINGS MORE PROFESSIONALLY - Initial study of better know-how, being non-duping and on the quest for things not reckoned with earlier, and so on.
12 Know-how needed or groped for - Don't overlook you may need to have a group for support to climb here.
13 Now you may sift managing know-how a bit- it is to be hoped, not feared -
14 Be aware of irony here, even the irony of a daydream. It can be a double-edged sword. I ask you to be much more careful than you may dream of.
15 It is better to appear very tidy, artful or gruff than jelly-soft at this stage, in all likelihood.

NOTE: These phenomenological assertions need to be deciphered much like shorthand script in part. What is more, the mainframe may be geared up to be used in general, scientific report-writings.


Tick Tack Toe Avenue

One is to catch a profile

The delta figure - such a large "nose"

Figure 1 near the top of the page shows the structural tick tack tao route or trek that so many essay tables (surveys) on-site spring from: [LINK].

The vectorised fields (beads) in the figure are numbered from 1 and onwards a bit. A beginner's first and main accomplishment is to reach a Tao (bead 6) in any fit, decent, suitable endeavour or way somehow. But there is room for further accomplishments too, and parallell ones toward the tao bead (no 6), just as a large amoung of these novel essay-tables on-site illustrates.

These schemes are cybernetically patterned existentialism, at bottom they are exegetic matters. The schemata texts are formed by step-by-step lays. "Lay" in this context means

"something (or a layer) that lies or is laid; or "a line of action on top of a good plan", "line of work or occupation"; "terms of something", "the amount of advance along so-called rope strands" and first and foremost "the way in which a thing lies or is laid in relation to something else".

Further definition: Five lays make up one span:

Span is a measure of extent, stretch, reach or spread between two limits. Our term can be linked to a lot that is "matched in appearance and action and driven together".

There are four spans to reckon with in any full-fledged, postulated ascent route in this tao-grounded model. Mainly, only the first few spans are shown in tick tack toe schemes and figures.

Tick tack toe surveys consist of sifted and and formatted stuff - arranged in sequences in correspondence with the tao system, as the mainframe defines it. In a table-essay, then, various keynotes and basic assertions are sought out and perhaps improved, and then arranged so that they fit the cybernetical, basic grid of presenting items. [MORE]

It is not hard to learn how to arrange key items in this way. A child can learn it. And once you master these novelties fairly well, you may want to combine key points to arrive at your own conclusions and solvency programs. Good luck, in that case.

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