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Threads of Gold: Tao Work
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Figure 1. Tick tack tao figure with its first ten beads numbered. Simplifed design.


The following design is the backbone of many pages on the site. Features are listed.

Lay / level + Several proposed features of them

1. Tick part

Lay 1: Looming, tentative considerations and ideas.

Lay 2: Norms and large concerns included or considered.

2. Tack part

Lay 3: Semi-norms - adhering to customs and further. Busy home-keeping.

Lay 4: Strained and perhaps rectified half-norms or ideas with a goal in view. Sifted tenets. Regular norms.

3. Tao part

Lay 5: Sifted and somewhat refined norms and features. Some measure of proficiency is gained.

Lay 6: ✪  At this stage (level of attainments) a need for outfit stands out. Many welcoming arms. Ways and means of handy living are included. Space for cleverly applied, smoothed, sifted norms. Getting from learning (theory) to applying parts of the learnt as fits. Here is reduplication of easy ways and manners. Implementing something well enough to make it count.

Lay 7: Even better sifted norms or more smoothed, tailored norms or standards for doing much. One may have to tone down much or strive for smoother appearances.

Lay 8: Still more sifted or refined norms and ways for nice doings and over-all appropriate attainments. Steadily refined work makes accumulated wealth increasingly possible.

Lay 9: Goings may be OK if fairness as handled well. Lots of information skills may be called for in time.

Lay 10: There is a need to solidify much. Art may be found to be useful for coping. Getting ready for understanding better what to make things run. Qualifying for administration work of a sort.

4. Fourth part (rarely shown)

Lay 11: Administer professionally. Study of better know-how. Non-duping.

Lay 12: Administrative know-how needed.

Lay 13: Managing know-how is sifted to be of service.

Lay 14: Goings may demand more special care and attention than dreamt of before.

Lay 15: Pertinent and tidy, most likely.

NOTE: Phenomenological, stringed assertions may be broadened as well. The underlying scheme is used in scientific works. [See how]


Tick Tack Tao Way

The vectorised fields (beads) in figure 1 are numbered from 1 and onwards a bit. A way (Tao) or several of them may be reached at the "sixth step" (bead 6).

The step-by-step ascent is by lays here. "Lay" in this context means

"something (or a layer) that lies or is laid; or "a line of action on top of a good plan", "line of work or occupation"; "terms of something", "the amount of advance along so-called rope strands" and first and foremost "the way in which a thing lies or is laid in relation to something else".

Also worth noting: Five lays make up one span:

Span is a measure of extent, stretch, reach or spread between two limits. Our term can be linked to a lot that is "matched in appearance and action and driven together".

Four spans and 15 lays are considered above.

It should be easy to sort many items in this way and combine key points to arrive at further insights or conclusions and solvency programs.



Harvesting the hay

Symbols, brackets, signs and text icons explained: (1) Text markers(2) Digesting.

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