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Figurative Gold Eggs Tao (also: Dao) is a key concept of Laotzu and Chuang Tzu and other philosophers of ancient China - and also in deep Zen. This page contains links to pages that show quite in detail how a Tao (Way, dao, ways, handling skills, etc.) or several Tao's are had and built as the case may be. Such a Way should result in one or more figurative Gold Eggs. From well blended Ways, all right living may result.


Nuggets can be worked up; gold eggs can be built - Albert Anker (1831-1910). Das Mädchen mit den Dominosteinen
Don't give up just because the odds may be against you. You can change them. - Muriel James (1974:100)*

Many have the ability to read, fewer find knowledge themselves. Fewer still look directly into truths. Still, very much can be said and evolved.

* James, Muriel. Transactional Analysis for Moms and Dads. Reading: Addison-Wesley, 1974.

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