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Threads of Gold: Tao Work
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Understanding Concepts

The whole flower is more than its core. A plant is even more.

The same goes for concepts. Our understanding of things may be developed a lot. For example by learning that some concepts and definitions have in focus (1) a core, (2) a back-up part and (3) a surrounding area (synonyms etc.) The three parts may blend.

The first may be (a) handy; (b) concrete -

The second may be defined or clarified as it fits.

The third may be more obscure, and co-defined by (a) the central items along with the shady or more blurred second-order linkages, and by the interchange of them with something else.

In such ways larger dictionaries are built up.

Many people read different values and get different emotive experiences from the same words. Different persons may not mean the same thing by the same words either. Most often they don't. This is laid bare by the brothers Barry and Tony Buzan. A person's understanding of terms relies on registered experiences, schooling and much else. What humans put into terms, differs, and differs even more with education, the Buzan brothers find. Accordingly, there are often alternative meanings to those that come to mind first. (Link; Buzan and Buzan 2010:37-40)


How to Make a Tao Scheme ☼

A discourse consists of words, utterances, text segments and the whole discourse with its scope. Now we may get:

1. Bravery must be applied so as to matter.

Some form may be called for.

A fit form of handiness could work very well.

2. Try to stick to nice ways of speaking, counsels Buddha too.

Good-looking words and utterances may be up to snuff if you fit in.

Stay pertinently handy as long as you can.

3. Natural, agreeable enough discipline comes more from within than without.

Manifesting oneself neatly is OK. Stay pertinent and up to tasks too.

If you reach ease of outwardly fit expressions, you may benefit from artistic schooling.


Adequate bravery sticks to nice ways of communication through sensible, agreeable, judicious efforts without trickery. But if your heart is not in it, alas.

Just so

Greeks of old recognised skilled "middle ways" and "middle ground" under the name of metron. It represents sound balance and measure in some way or several ways. It has to do with adjusting proficiently within pertinent and suitable limits

Against unskilled presentation, Arne Naess debates various forms of biased or tendentious selections and outputs. [Link]



Harvesting the hay

Symbols, brackets, signs and text icons explained: (1) Text markers(2) Digesting.

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