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Four Modes of Logic

Very much logic is based on discerning. One had better discern between an experience or happening and the description of the experience or happening. Descriptions is a symbol, and symbols and experience may not follow the same rules of logic, writes Gary Zukav, and "Quantum mechanics is the study of the motion of quanta . . . a quantum is a quantity of something . . . A quantum is a piece of action . . a set of relationships, or an intermediate state." "The problem is the language," says David Finkelstein. [Thd 271-76]

The basic gridwork and layout incorporates four modes of logic on top of one other. There is:

  1. Rather simple yet basic either-or logic, or Aristotelian logic. Example: "I had a mystical experience . . . There was no entity named Prem Saran [himself] around." [Saran 1994, in Yba 8, emphasis added]

    However, if he did not exist, how could he tell about his experience? By classical logic we put on a set of blinders that restricts our vision and distorts it too, informs Zukav. He says more: "The rules of classical logic . . . do not correspond to experience." [Thd 277, 278]

    This logic variant relates mainly to the first few beads of the stringed Tao.

  2. Prem Saran goes on: "I had a mystical experience . . . There was no entity named Prem Saran around. Since then I have had the experience countless times . . . [and] it has . . . resulted in an enhanced sense of personhood and personal autonomy." [Ibid, emphasis added] He reaped things through "both-and", it seems, both "gone" and an enhanced sense of "me".

    One both-and variant in tune with quantum mechanics after Noble prize winner John von Neumann, also advocated by the Swiss Carl Jung. [Tiy; foreword.] Zukav furnishes several examples of how both-and logic is put to work in present physics. For example, light is considered and treated as both particles and light, even though such a "both-and" is impossible according to classical logic, which is at fault in describing many phenomena. He tries to explain, "In the mathematical formulations of quantum theory nothing is either "this" or "that" with nothing in between." [Cf. Thd 283-84, 285]

    A nice question rises: "If the "Both-And" method of logic is so good, why can't we use both the "Both-And" logic and the "Either-Or" logic?" Yes, one is to beware of logical fallacies dressed up as logic forms also.

    This logic variant relates to matters of bead 3 of the stringed Tao figure.

  3. Implementation mode - it may include the combined use of both-and facets somehow above simple, everyday-life's either-or facets. Tick tack tao implementations generally set in near lay 5. You may be called to talk lot at this stretch (span) of the scenario - it should please the heart. "To have successful, happy, productive adults, . . . take our ideas and implement them." - Daniel Greenberg. "The desire to implement the thoughts into actions is natural." - Yajur Veda.

    This logic variant pertains much to bead 5 through 9 of the Tao figure.

  4. A proficient management mode asks for the "keep a watch" mentality. Solid management derives from a fourth facet of logical thinking. It may not seem logical and very rational or proficient for a long time, though, Still, it helps to deal with facts as they appear. An example: "A political leader must keep looking over his shoulder . . . to see if the boys are still there. If the aren't still there, he's no longer a political leader." - Bernard Baruch.

    This variant of discerning thinking (logic, if you like) relates to beads 11-15 of the stringed Tao figure. However, these steps (of "beads") are only rarely shown on-site.

This was to suggest how four sides to discernment - logic - are somehow incorporated in the general design of a tick tack tao solvency scheme.

Technical Matters

The thin rhombus, lozenge, also called diamond (◊) at the rear of a line or paragraph, refers to a lay.

The gist of a tick tack tao article (table) may be used tentatively as a training program.

References are often put in square brackets: [ ].

A common asterix (*) at the rear of a period or utterance, signals a quite self-made proposition, or something based on key notes of others, but differing to some degree from them.

At times the schemes talk allegorically or metaphorically. It depends.

Incorporated in the general, vector-based system are basic metres to assist such as poetry-making.

The existential project contains many cybernetic elements in a structuralist layout within an over-arching Tao mainframe (grid). [Cf. Sts]

Sound accomplishments are aimed at. They may appear in the form of both outlooks and outer attainments.

This cybernetic, vector-based essentialism system has its forerunners: [LINK] Also see [See Thd 27]

The matrix is a symbol system. Its ground structure allows for individual tailorings also. [See Olk]

The ground plan is a cognitive schemata. The benefits of deep schemas can be many. [Schunk]

Tick tack tao strategy helps cogent thinking, and there is no fixed interpretation included in the matrix per se.

Figure 1. Tick tack tao figure with its first ten beads numbered. Simplifed design.


Don't say a little in many words, but a great deal in a few. - Pythagoras

Even for the physicist the description on plain language will be a criterion of th degree of understanding that has been reached. - Werner Heisenberg. [Thd 27]

If you cannot - in the long run - tell everyone what you have been doing, your doing has been worthless. - Erwin Schroedinger. [Ibid.]

Most of the fundamental ideas of science are essentially simple, and may, as a rule, be expressed in language comprehensible to everyone. - Albert Einstein. [Ibid.]



Tick Tack Tao

LoRemain to build

Tick tack tao schemes are designed for beginners and others - most people, all in all.

So-called tick tack tao schemes are special derivates from a sort of yin-yang actualising matrix.

It normally helps to remain very constructive and enhance well-being according to program. Yet it is often harder to build up than to tear down.

Table-essays are texts that write out information of the tick tack tao scheme with its step-by-step lays.

Within any lay and span there may be several options or choices. The standard design allows for it. Thus there are likely to be multiple routes open by multiple options. Fuse a lot of a tick tack tao's scheme's key ideas that appeal to you personally, into a convenient sort of scheme if you manage it.

LoSort well

Good diagrams may clarify.

You may wish to learn this novel way of gaining solvency - first in the realm of thinking, and next in the world by carrying out relevant schemes to yourself in particular.

The all-round design is a help to blossom.

You can decide on the neatest, most appropriate and serviceable kernels in any layer to toy with ideas from them, and also try them out personally at your own risk and expense.

Each series shows a tentative ascent in step with natural or conform and gentle enough id development for most part - let us all hope that.

LoThe mainframe structure is as dependable as research procedures, in a nutshell

Very useful insights can take on enough momentum to change conform ways, including customs.

"Through tick tack tao knowledge even bandits may rise to appear plausible." There is that risk.

The tick tack tao mainframe or gridwork helps in defining and understanding assrtions put into it. The overarching structure co-defines its parts.

Try to stay very well aligned with your heart as long as you can. A cosy and all right fare may depend on it. Also, seek to avoid blunt indignity, and let us hope it will prove much successful.


  1. Remain to build.
  2. Sort well.
  3. Adhere to cogent research procedures to avoid sulking later.
IN NUCE A tick tack tao essay helps "Build, sort out, and proceed" from that.

Some Related Axioms

It normally helps to appear in great shape and not hanker after mere borrowed esteem.

There is more to successful living than just being guarded and advanced, for that matter. Sound and smart enough effort can lead into practical mastery.

Both professional handling and innate brightness is helped by getting straight to the tenable and good cores.

Cogent and smart presentation can be helped by grand schemata.

To appear dogmatic without being it - sound folklore-like presentations may accomplish such things.

Tick tack tao surveys could bring about constructive spins or outlets in this "machine-forming" age. See to what degree these simple means help.

You can presuppose a lot and build knowledge carefully and meticulously toward solvency.

Many things allow for training toward happy, all-round accomplishments.

Pretty much depends on complementarity and personal skills of handling things.

To appear cosy and jovial without being so, approaches feigning, which may lead into hypocrisy and can route out sincerity.

If a rather middling fare of life is not found wanting and neurotic, maybe such a modified path may be trodden for benefit.

Smooth, generalised sayings may assist beginners, and an apt allegory can remove some fear deep within inexperienced ones. There are many ways of so-called gentle smoothness in life.

It took some time to develop balanced Tao-fit schemata and allied reservations and definition helpers.

As a result of tick tack tao strategy: neat poetry, perhaps jokes and newly formed fables too.

Helpful reservations, END MATTER

Helpful reservations, LITERATURE  

Yba: Saran Prem. Yoga, Bhoga and Ardhanariswara: Individuality, Wellbeing and Gender in Tantra. London: Routledge, 2008.


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