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The language of many tales that follow is updated somewhat - not that it is fully adequate so far - and some of the legends are abridged and made to look like fairy tales. Also, very brutal parts of the contents have been crossed out by me. - Tormod Kinnes

     Swedish fairy tales and folktales  Introduction

  1. Messing with Trolls
  2. Ljungby Horn and Pipe
  3. Stompe Pilt
  4. The Giant Finn and Lund's Cathedral
  5. Sowing Pine Seeds
  6. The Ghost at the Inn
  7. The Trolls and the Large Stone
  8. The Trolls of Skurugata
  9. Madam Maagimy
  10. Sweet-Laden with Good Milk
  11. Knös
  12. Great Misfortune
  13. The Young Maiden's Fiancé
  14. Stand the Toil
  15. Two Troll Hats
  16. The Miraculous Belt
  17. The Speedy Death of a Begging Boy
  18. Throwing Stones
  19. The Cock and the Crested Hen
  20. King Lindorm
  21. The Sea Nymph
  22. The Polite Coal-Burner
  23. The Elves' Dance
  24. The Valiant Chanticleer
  25. The Magpie
  26. The Poor Devil
  27. Old Hop-Giant
  28. The Princess and the Glass Mountain
  29. Queen Cadoola
  30. The Treasure Seekers
  31. Faithful and Unfaithful
  32. Yuletide Spectres
  33. Lasse, my Lad!
  34. The Werewolf
  35. Silverwhite and Lillwacker
  36. The Mount of the Golden Queen
  37. The Vätters
  38. Lapp Genesis
  39. The Skalunda Giant
Swedish folktales and fairy tales shown through a female mouse

  1. Starkad and Bale
  2. The Lady of Pintorp
  3. The Man Who Died on Holy Innocents' Day
  4. The Girl and the Snake
  5. First Born, First Wed
  6. A Troll Tale
  7. The Brownies
  8. The Lame Dog
  9. Neighbours Bickering
  10. The Evil One and Kitta Grau
  11. Torre Jeppe
  12. The Rooster, the Hand-Mill, and the Swarm of Hornets
  13. Maiden Swanwhite and Maiden Foxtail
  14. Food for Kings: Oatcake and Herring
  15. Nightly Disturbances
  16. The Troll's Garden at Stall's Backe
  17. The Three Dogs
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