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tr. Arthur W. Ryder

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Panchatantra is a collection of tales from antiquity. It contains animal fables in verse and prose. The stories are among the most widely known in the world.

Book 1. The Loss of Friends
  1. The Loss of Friends
  2. The Wedge-Pulling Monkey
  3. The Jackal and the War-Drum
  4. Merchant Strong-Tooth
  5. Godly and June
  6. The Jackal at the Ram-Fight
  7. The Weaver's Wife
  8. How the Crow-Hen Killed the Black Snake
  9. The Heron That Liked Crab-Meat
  10. Numskull and the Rabbit
  11. The Weaver Who Loved a Princess
  12. The Ungrateful Man
  13. Leap and Creep
  14. The Blue Jackal
  15. Passion and the Owl
  16. Ugly's Trust Abused
  17. The Lion and the Carpenter
  18. The Plover Who Fought the Ocean
  19. Shell-Neck, Slim, and Grim
  20. Forethought, Ready-Wit, and Fatalist
  21. The Duel between Elephant and Sparrow
  22. The Shrewd Old Gander
  23. The Lion and the Ram
  24. Smart the Jackal
  25. The Monk Who Left His Body Behind
  26. The Girl Who Married a Snake
  27. Poor Blossom
  28. The Unteachable Monkey
  29. Right-Mind and Wrong-Mind
  30. A Remedy Worse Than the Disease
  31. The Mice That Ate Iron
  32. The Results of Education
  33. The Sensible Enemy
  34. The Foolish Friend
Book 2. The Winning of Friends
  1. The Bharunda Birds
  2. Gold's Gloom
  3. Mother Shandilee's Bargain
  4. Self-defeating Forethought
  5. Mister Duly
  6. Soft the Weaver
  7. Hang-Ball and Greedy
  8. The Mice That Set Elephants Free
  1. Spot's Captivity
Book 3. Crows and Owls
  1. How the Birds Picked a King
  2. How the Rabbit Fooled the Elephant
  3. The Cat's Judgement
  4. The Brahman's Goat
  5. The Snake and the Ants
  6. The Snake Who Paid Cash
  7. The Unsocial Swans
  8. The Self-Sacrificing Dove
  9. The Old Man with the Young Wife
  10. The Brahman, the Thief, and the Ghost
  11. The Snake in the Prince's Belly
  12. The Gullible Carpenter
  13. Mouse-maid Made Mouse
  14. The Bird With Golden Dung
  15. The Cave That Talked
  16. The Frogs That Rode Snakeback
  17. The Butter-blinded Brahman
Book 4. Loss of Gains
  1. The Monkey and the Crocodile
  2. Handsome and Theodore
  3. Flop-Ear and Dusty
  4. The Potter Militant
  5. The Jackal Who Killed no Elephants
  6. The Ungrateful Wife
  7. King Joy and Secretary Splendour
  8. The Donkey in the Tiger-Skin
  9. The Farmer's Wife
  10. The Pert Hen-Sparrow
  11. How Supersmart Ate the Elephant
  12. The Dog Who Went Abroad
Book 5. Ill-Considered Action
  1. The Loyal Mongoose
  2. The Four Treasure-Seekers
  3. The Lion-Makers
  4. Hundred-Wit, Thousand-Wit, and Single-Wit
  5. The Musical Donkey
  6. Slow the Weaver
  7. The Brahman's Dream
  8. The Unforgiving Monkey
  9. The Credulous Fiend
  10. The Three-Breasted Princess
  11. The Fiend Who Washed His Feet
Panchatantra, tr. Arthur W. Ryder

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