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Solid Living: A Set of Guidelines


Keep Fit for Life

There are probably many things you can do to get a better life. If you find yourself hemmed in, you can improve your breathing, for example, and learn to meditate. Research shows that good ◦meditation - TM is currently found to be best - improves life quality too. To live better, learn and study better, and keep fit, harmonious company. To live and study well, prefer fair and fit smartness to great toil. Toil may bring on swearing -

This is for the self-developer. Buddhism teaches things like these too, and backs up lots of them, if not all.

  • While you have a chance to live, try to make the most out of it. An ordinary day spent in a good mood is a good accomplishment. Prefer sane or good work with skill first and foremost, and not exactly toil, for toil may blunt you and bring you down in time.
  • Make a list of twenty things you would like to do before you turn thirty or forty: places to visit, skills to acquire, or fun things to do. The benefit of writing down your good goals is that you can keep track of what you have done and what you still want to do. And to be sure: there's no point in making a to-do list or a schedule if you aren't going to go through with it. Also: Keep in mind to enjoy what you have and desire, work towards what you want to have.
  • Some people discover too late that what they desired, was not fit for being happy and content anyway. So try instead to sort out what evolves happy and rewarding living, before you make any commitments. In my experience, Buddha's counsel matters, and you do not have to call yourself a Buddhist to walk in his steps either. Parts of his counsel is on-site, and can be studied through reflection.
  • Solve minor problems before they grow big, if you can. Make a brief to-do list for every half-week, or even every day if you stand it. Mind to have fun. Write down how in the little list. Remember to balance idealism with the reality, and stay fair. Life is much a balancing act - be vigilant as to it.
  • Remember "Carpe Diem" or "seize the day." Mind the present moments well. Cherish breath (breathing makes fit for living) and so make living much worthwhile [Ujjayi]. Live each day - It is possible that at times there may be no day like today to accomplish something worth while.
  • Do something nice each day, without depleting yourself thereby, and without furthering badness. At least you can improve yourself, and thereby do good in the world. If you can do it with integrity and dignity, help others too, making impact on someone's life. At any rate, avoid doing havoc.
  • Love and accept yourself; that is fit, according to Buddha too. Also, go for fit control of main events in the garden of your life. So be on the safe side, so that you may be who you are and stay true in any situation, preferably. Being yourself genuinely and honestly, you can grow mentally and spiritually your entire life. The alternatives are not fair against yourself.
  • Accept loving people. Go for fit acceptence and tolerance and understand that not everyone has your world view, thinks like you, or has the same values. Do not make a show of tolerance. Avoid being blunt to minors, if you can. Your main efforts have to be to organize your own world into making good sense, and being rewarding to live in - first for you, next your dear ones, and so on, including or taking on others as you find it fit.
  • Want to preserve good order. Dominate only if you treat the world all right.
  • Death happens once. Before it, ensure you may appreciate life. Check each year if the motto " If I die now I die happy", fits.
  • Make your happiness last - the happiness you have gained by mature handling skills, deep morality, and so on.
  • Mind your own business properly, and protect good friends and family members too. Don't waste energy on feeling jealous of other people who are handsomer, better dressed, widely travelled, partying, famous, fabulous - whatever. Such appearances are of minor importance compared to being tuned to your heart with skill as the basis for developing, maturing, and improving too.
  • Decent, solid living is much to go for. Be good at that too. Learn to develop yourself, have fit guidelines, and be with good and decent people if you can find some. (These are three cornerstones of Buddhism, along with the little told of "Be Happy"; Buddhist core teachings tell us how to, in gross outline and maybe in details.) Dishonest people do not count as good company.

One or more of the items on the list could significantly improve the quality of your life. And "the more the marrier": applying many of them with skill, could improve it even better.

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