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  1. Discerning between Spirit and Matter
  2. Gunas
  3. The Supreme Self


This body is called the Field. Who knows it is called the Knower of the Field (individual soul)) [cf 13.1].

I am the Knower in all Fields [13.2].

Fortitude is of the Field [cf 13.5-6].

Appropriate modesty, service to the guru, dispassion, death, non-identification of self with children of mind - devotion to Me, resorting to solitude, aversion to the society of unenlightened worldly ones - stability of Truth, this is knowledge [ 13.7-11].

Self-consciousness ought to be known: It leads to immortality - the Supreme Brahman without beginning [cf 13.12].

God (Brahman) shines through the functions of all the senses, yet it is devoid of senses. Unattached, it sustains all. Without gunas it enjoys them [cf 13.14].

God (Brahman) is within all beings. Incomprehensible because subtle, Far away, yet near [cf 13.15].

God (Brahman) is indivisible, yet as it were, divided among beings [cf 13.16].

Knowable Brahman is the Sustainer of beings, also their Devourer and Generator [13.16].

The Light of lights, beyond darkness [13.17].

Knowledge and the goal of knowledge is set firm in the hearts. Who understands this is worthy of My state [cf 13.17-18].

Prakriti and Purusha are without beginning [cf 13.19].

Prakriti is the cause of the generation of the body and the organs. Purusha is the cause of the experience of pleasure [cf 13.20].

The attachment of Purusha, embodied in Prakriti; is the cause of birth [cf 13.21].

The Supreme Spirit in the body is the Witness and the Approver [13.22].

The Supreme Spirit in the body is the Supporter and the Enjoyer [13.22].

The Supreme Spirit in the body is the Sovereign Lord and the Highest Self [13.22].

Whatever is born is through union of the Field and the Knower of the Field [cf 13.26].

The Supreme Lord abiding in all beings, does not perish when they perish [cf 13.27].

Some see the Lord present alike everywhere, and do not injure Self by self [cf 13.28].

One is to reach the supreme state by not injuring the Self deep inside [cf 13.28].

The Self who dwells in the body, illumine the whole body [cf 13.33].



Those who are not troubled at the time of dissolution, have partaken of My nature. [cf 14.2]

Great Nature is My womb. I place the germ [the seed that gives rise to the Golden Egg] in it, and from there are born all beings. [cf 14.3]

Stainless is healthful and sattva. [14.6]

Passion is rajas. It binds by attachment. [14.7]

Ignorance binds or deludes [by a soul-deep sleep]. [14.8]

Sattva binds one to happiness, rajas to action. Tamas veils knowledge and binds one to inadvertence. [14.9]

When the light of knowledge shines, it may be known. [cf 14.11]

Enterprise is of rajas. [cf 14.12]

If death comes when the guna sattva prevails, the soul goes to the Highest. [14.14]

If death comes when the guna rajas prevails, the soul is born among people of action. [cf 14.15]

If death comes when the guna tamas prevails, the soul is born in the womb of creatures. ]

The fruit of a good action is said to be good and clean. [14.16]

The fruit of rajas is pain. [14.16]

The fruit of tamas is ignorance. [14.16]

From sattva springs knowledge. [14.17]

Those who are established in sattva go upward. [14.18]

Those who are born of the lowest guna, tamas, go downward. [cf 14.18]

A man of insight beholds God and attains God (Being). [cf 14.19]

The inmost Self who dwells in a man is of the Lord. [cf 14.19n]

The immortal soul is above great activities. [cf 14.20]

"How does a man rise above the gunas?" - Don't hate the Light. Try and sit unconcerned. Remain firm. Dwell in the Self. Look on a clod and a piece of gold as of equal [intrinsic] merit. Remain the same among agreeable things. The man of wisdom rises above praise and blame; he is the same in dishonour as to a friend. [14.22-25]

The Self as Lord dwells in the hearts of souls. [cf 14.26]

I am the Abode of Brahman, I am Immutable, I am of the Eternal Dharma and of Absolute Bliss. [cf 14.27].



A Mighty Tree in the world of men causes action. [cf 15.1-2; 18.]

The true form of the Mighty Tree of the perceived World is Linga. [cf 15.1-2n etc.]

To gain Primal Being, strive to be detached, and get devoted to the Supreme Self. [cf 15.3-5]

The Supreme Abode [of Enlightenment] is not illumined by the sun, and they who reach it do not have to return. [15.6]

A soul is an eternal portion of God. [cf 15.7]

Presiding over the mind, the soul experiences. [cf 15.8-9]

Those deluded into grossness do not perceive the self. [cf 15.10]

Those who have the eye of wisdom perceive the self. [15.10]

Yoga means striving to behold him dwelling within. [cf 15.11]

The light inside the sun is Mine. [cf 15.12]

I sustain all beings by My energy. [cf 15.13]

I enter into the bodies of all. [15.14]

I digest food. [15.14]

I am seated in the hearts. [15.15]

From Me are memory and its loss. [15.15]

I alone am to be known through all the Vedas. [15.15]

Creatures are perishable and changing. [cf 15.16]

Highest Being [Inmost Consciousness], the Supreme Self, is immutable and pervades and sustains the three worlds. [cf 15.17]

I am higher even than the Imperishable as the Supreme Self. [cf 15.18]

Know the Supreme Self with all your heart. [cf 15.19]

The wise man fulfils his paramount duties. [cf 15.20]

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