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In all respects I am the source of the gods and the sages [10.2].

I am unborn and without a beginning. I am the Supreme Lord of the worlds [cf 10.3].

Intelligence, knowledge, forbearance, truth, calmness, pleasure arise from Me [cf 10.4].

Equanimity, charity, obloquy, they arise from Me [cf 10.5].

From sages of My mind have spring all the creatures [cf 10.6].

From Me all things evolve [10.8].

The wise know and heart-worship Me [10.8].

Enlightening one another about Me, the wise derive delight [10.9].

I bestow the yoga of understanding on those devoted to Me, and by it they come to Me [10.10].

Dwelling in their hearts, the shining lamp of wisdom [cf 10.11].

Arjuna: Neither the gods nor the demons know Your manifestations [10.14].

Arjuna: You pervade all the worlds [10.16].

Arjuna: Speak ambrosial words [10.18].

There is no limit to my extent. So I tell just of my pre-eminent attributes [10.19].

I am the Self in the hearts of all [10.20].

I am the sun and the moon, I am Indra and intelligence, and Shiva [10.21-23].

I am the chief and the ocean [10.24].

I am the sage Bhrigu and Om of japa [10.25].

I am the very best among the horses and elephants [cf 10.27].

I am the thunderbold of weapons, Ananta and Varuna, and the lion [10.28-30].

I am Rama, and the half-dolphin, the Makara [cf 10.31].

I am the Science of the Self [10.32].

I am reason [10.32].

I am inexhaustible Time [10.33].

I am all-seizing Death, Memory, and Forbearance [10.34].

I am the flowery spring [10.35].

I am (the guna) sattva [10. 36].

I am Vasudeva, I am Arjuna and Vyasa [10.37].

Of the wise I am the wisdom [10.38].

I am the seed of all beings [10.39].

No being can exist without me [10.39].

There is no end to My divine manifestations [10.40].

Whatever being exists anywhere, it has sprung from My splendour [10.41].

With a single fraction of Myself I stand supporting the whole universe [10.42].



Arjuna: "Lotus-eyed Lord, you have declared yourself to be the origin and dissolution of beings."* [11.2-3].

Arjuna: "You are the Supreme Being, Mighty One [cf 11.15,18].

Arjuna: "When I look on your blazing form, shining in many colours, I find neither courage nor peace!" [cf 11.24].

Arjuna: "Some are seen caught between your teeth, their heads crushed to powder." [cf 11.26-27].

Arjuna's soul is troubled [cf 11.31].

Arjuna: "You are the Father of the world, you of incomparable might? You of a thousand arms." [cf 11.43, 45-46].

Arjuna: "I now feel composed." [11.51].

Arjuna: "Abode of the universe, you of infinite form, you are wind and death [cf 11.37-39].

Behold many wonders [cf 11.6].

I am world-destroying, slaying [cf 11.32].

Enjoy an opulent kingdom [11.33].

Even the gods are ever eager to see this form which you have now seen [11.52-53].

Who does My work without hatred, becomes one [cf 11.55].



Arjuna: "Who have the greater knowledge of yoga?" [cf 12.1].

Those who have fixed their minds on Me, and worship Me, do I hold to be perfect [cf 12.2].

Some of even mind worship the Imperishable, the Omnipresent, Immutable, the Unchanging — The task of those whose minds are set on the Unmanifest is more difficult. [cf 12.3-4; 5].

Attain welfare [cf 12.3-4].

[Kutastha means Who dwells in maya as its Witness - cf. NOTE to v. 3-4].

Those who consecrate all their actions to Me, as the Supreme Goal, meditating on Me, whose minds are thus absorbed in Me [cf 12.6-7].

Fix your mind on Me, on Me alone, and in Me alone you will live [12.8].

Unable to fix your mind steadily on Me, seek to reach Me by constant practice [cf 12.9].

Incapable of constant practice, devote yourself to My service [12.10].

Otherwise, be self-controlled and take refuge [cf 12.11].

Knowledge is better than practice, and meditation is better than knowledge. Renunciation of the fruit of action is better than meditation [12.12].

Who is even-minded in pain, ever content, self-controlled, has consecrated his mind and understanding thus [cf 12.13-14].

He who is prompt, he who renounced all undertakings, are dear to Me [cf 12.16].

Who is dear to the One is alike to foe and friend, free from attachment, content with the reasonable [cf 12.18-19].

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