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Vivasvat, Manu, Iksvaku were all taught eternal yoga. [4.1].

Krishna: Many a birth have I passed through, and so have you [4.5].

I am unborn and eternal by nature, I am the Lord of all beings, I accept birth through maya [4.6].

Whenever there is a decline of dharma, I incarnate [4.7].

In order to protect the good, ruin the wicked, and establish dharma (a good fare), I am born [4.8].

Taking refuge in Me, many have become one with My Being [4.10].

In whatever way men approach Me, I reward them [4.11].

Action does defile (on the relative plane) [opp 4.14].

Do your work [4.15].

Know action so as to be freed from evil [4.16].

Both forbidden action and inaction need to be grasped [4.17].

He who sees inaction in action, he is [only] wise [4.18].

A sage can work too [cf 4.19].

Depend on none [4.20].

One should rise above "the pairs of opposites" [cf 4.22].

The one who is even-minded is not all bound [cf 4.22].

The works of a man melt away in time [cf 4.23].

In order to regulate the prana (life force, deep vitality) through yoga forms, one had better restrict the food in kindness, at least somewhat [cf 4.29].

Suitable sacrifice consumes sins [cf 4.30-31].

This world is not for him who makes no sacrifice [4.31].

Many sorts of sacrifice are born of action [4.32].

Let all works culminate in Deep Knowledge [4.33].

Good knowledge can be taught by the wise to those who inquire all right [cf 4.34].

Good knowledge can be had through inquiry [4.34].

Through Deep Knowledge (of Brahman) you will see all beings in your Self and in the All-God [cf 4.35].

The most sinful should strive for the raft of Knowledge [cf 4.36].

A fire, well kindled, reduces wood to ashes. The fire of Deep Knowledge reduces all karmas to ashes [cf 4.37].

No purifying agent equals Deep Knowledge [4.38].

Who is full of zeal can obtain Knowledge. Having obtained Knowledge, he soon attains Deep Mind [cf 4.39].

Ignorant doubting goes to ruin [cf 4.40].

This world is for the doubting souls too [opp 4.40].

Who is self-possessed is neither bound nor ruined by doubting [cf 4.40-41.].

Handy knowledge can cut asunder the doubts about the Self. So devote yourself to yoga and arise [cf 4.42].



Performance of action is better than renunciation of action [5.2].

Act without attachment for the purification of the heart [5.11].

The man who is not selfless, is bound by desires [cf 5.12].

Dwell happily through a discerning mind [cf 5.13].

Through Self-Knowledge the Supreme reveals Itself [5.16].

Fixing the mind can takes one through inward states to the Knowledge of God, the Supreme End [cf 5.17].

See the same in all [5.18].

In God (Brahman) they rest, whose minds were set on sameness [5.19].

It pays to be steady of mind [5.20].

Contemplating on God, being unattached, find and have Self-joy - enjoy undying bliss. [cf 5.21].

The happy man is able to withstand [cf 5.23].

Who is illumined rejoices within [5.24].

Inward freedom is to be attained to [cf 5.25].

Freedom supports you here and hereafter [cf 5.26].

Be ever bent on liberation till you are the ever-free [5.27-28].

The Lord dispenses all sacrifices and austerities, but with a little smartness you can help yourself, is the bet [cf 5.29].



Do the work you ought to do. A world-renouncer, in fact, does [cf 6.1].

Yoga includes some renunciation [cf 6.2].

Yoga should naturally lessen desire [cf 6.2].

Serenity is said to be the means when a sage has attained yoga [cf 6.3].

A man with no severe attachment to works, is said to have attained some degree of yoga. [cf 6.4].

Let a man be lifted up by his own self [6.5].

His own self is hostile to him who has not yet conquered the obtained materials - [cf 6.6].

Adhere to the Supreme Self in pleasure as best you can [cf 6.7].

Steadfast yogis realize at heart [cf 6.8].

Steadfast yogis heart-realize that mud, a stone and gold are extraneous matter [cf 6.8].

You can have equal regard for both well-wishers, friends and the righteous [6.9].

Equal regard for the malicious and sinful stands well-nigh supreme [cf 6.9].

Try to be by yourself to do focus on your mind-yoga regularly and well enough, if you can [cf 6.10].

Sit down for yoga somewhere where it is clean, not too high or too low. Calm down and bring the thoughts to a point (i.e., focus) [cf 6.11-12].

Sit down to focus in good yoga and gaze steadily [6.13].

You should sit serenely and steadfastly in the yoga pose [cf 6.14].

Yoga is for him who sleeps long enough and eats suitably [cf 6.16].

Yoga is for him who is temperate in work, sleep, and waking [6.17].

When the mind rests in the Self, one is said to have gained a yoga level [6.18].

One is to focus on the Self [6.19].

Through the Self one rejoices a lot [6.20].

In boundless joy one never departs from Reality [6.21].

There is no greater gain than Boundless Joy from inside [6.22].

The value of yoga as a way out of suffering lies in correct practice [cf 6.23].

Let a man little by little attain tranquillity with the help of the intellect (buddhi) armed with fortitude [6.25].

Restore the Self [cf 6.26].

Supreme Bliss should come to the completely tranquil one who is free from stain. [6.27].

Being ever steadfast you can enjoy exceeding bliss as the touch of God [6.28].

Behold all beings and then you view all things with equal regard [6.29].

He who sees the Divine Ground (Source) within, is not ever lost [6.30].

The good yogi lives in holy oneness in Me [cf 6.31].

A supreme yogi finds out that many beings are in his utter Self [cf 6.32].

Yoga should be had when the mind is restrained by practice and detachments [cf 6.35].

Yoga can be hard to attain by the one who cannot control himself well [6.36].

Yoga can be attained by the one who strives by the right means [6.36].

A fallen one does not necessarily perish [cf 6.38-43].

No great evil befalls a man who does good [cf 6.39].

To be born in a family of yogis rich in wisdom is hard to gain [6.42].

He who merely wishes to know of yoga rises superior to those of rites [cf 6.44].

By correct striving one should be purified [cf 6.45].

The yogi is better than men of outer action. Be a yogi [6.46].

The most closely united are united in their inmost beings [cf 6.47].

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