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  1. Of Realisation
  2. How to attain God (Brahman)
  3. Of Mystery and Wisdom


Taking refuge in Me, you will know Me in full [7.1].

Among thousands of men, one strives for perfection, and of those who strive and succeed, one, perchance, knows Me in truth [7.3].

Mind, reason, and ego are parts of My nature [cf 7.4].

My higher nature is the Indwelling Spirit by which the universe is sustained [7.5].

I am the origin, the womb of all beings [7.6].

There exists nothing higher than I am, and all is strung on Me [7.7].

I am Om [7.8].

I am the Eternal Seed of all things [7.10].

Whatever things there be - know they are all from Me. I am not in them, however; they are in Me [7.12].

My divine maya can be hard to overcome [cf 7.14].

The deluded do not worship Me [7.15].

Virtuous men worship Me: They include those seeking knowledge and enjoyment, and those who have some measure of wisdom [cf 7.16].

The truly wise man is best - he is ever steadfast and devoted to the One [7.17].

Supremely dear am I to the man of wisdom [7.17].

The man of wisdom is dear to Me [7.17].

The man of wisdom I deem to be My very Self [cf 7.18].

The man of wisdom remains fixed in Me [7.18].

A high-souled person should seek refuge in Me [cf 7.19].

Those whose discrimination has been led astray, resort to other deities, following diverse rituals [7.20].

Finite is the result gained by men of small minds [7.23].

Foolish men think that I am endowed with a manifest form [7.24].

Veiled by My maya I am not revealed [7.25].

All beings, from their very birth, are deluded by My maya [cf 7.27].

By a firm resolve is fit for virtuous men [cf 7.28].

Virtuous men stop being much deluded [cf 7.28].

With firm resolve, do what it takes to get free from the delusion [cf 7.28].

To gain release, come to know God (Brahman) [7.29].

Know Me as the One that underlies all the gods, and that sustains - know Me even in the hour of death [7.30].



Brahman is the Supreme. Dwelling in the body, Brahman is called the individual soul, adhyatma [cf 8.3].

That which underlies all the gods is the Cosmic Spirit [8.4].

When leaving the body remember by Being, and attain My Being thereby [8.5].

At all times, constantly remember Me and fight in some way - fight to get better, for example [cf 8.7].

At the time of passing away, fix your prana between the brows and focus on the omniscient and primal Being, whose form is beyond comprehension. Just focus! And so reach the resplendent Supreme Person [cf 8.9-10].

Good renouncers can enter the state the Vedas call the Imperishable [8.11].

Confine the mind within the heart, draw the prana into the head, and engage in yoga, uttering OM, and meditate on Me so as to attain the Supreme State when leaving the body at death [cf 8.12-13].

Having come to me, high-souled men first have reached a high degree of perfection (deep inside) [cf 8.15].

The dwellers in all the worlds are subject to rebirth [8.16].

There is Unmanifested Eternal Being, who does not perish when all beings perish [8.20].

This Unmanifested is called the Ultimate Goal, my Supreme Abode. So never come back from it, then! [cf 8.21].

All beings abide in the Supreme Purusha, and the entire universe is pervaded by the Supreme Purusha [8.22].

The greatest yogis depart never to return [8.23].

Those who know Brahman, go to Brahman [8.24].

Taking the southward passage of the sun, the yogi reaches the lunar path and from there returns. COMMENT: [cf 8.25 ].

The world's eternal paths: one bright and one dark [8.26].

At all times be steadfast in yoga [8.27].



Sovereign science is the sovereign purifier [cf 9.2].

Sovereign science is the sovereign mystery [cf 9.2].

The sovereign mystery is the sovereign purifier [cf 9.2].

Through direct perception: the sovereign science [cf 9.2].

The sovereign mystery is perceived by direct experience, and accords with dharma [cf 9.2].

Sovereign science is easy to practise, and the purifying mystery too [cf 9.2].

Direct experience is the sovereign mystery [cf 9.2].

All things are pervaded by Me in My unmanifested form [9.4].

All beings rest in Me [9.6].

At the beginning of a cycle I generate all beings once again [9.7].

I send forth all this multitude of beings [9.8].

I remain unattached to acts [9.9].

You may remain unattached to yoga acts [cf 9.9 (derived)].

Fools disregard Me, they are unaware of My higher nature as Lord of all [9.11].

Great-souled men are endowed with the divine nature [cf 9.13].

Great-souled men of divine nature know I am at the back of all beings [cf 9.13].

Unwavering steadiness [9.14].

Strive to remain firm in the vows [cf 9.14].

Some worship the universe [cf 9.15].

I am the hymn [9.16].

I am the syllable Om [9.17].

I am the Support, the Refuge, the Imperishable Seed [9.18].

I send forth rain, also death [9.19].

Meditating persons devoted to Me, I carry to them what they lack, and I preserve for them what they already have [9.22].

I alone am the enjoyer of sacrifices [9.24].

Who worship the gods go to the gods. Who worship the manes go to the manes [9.25].

I accept the pious offering of the pure in heart [cf 9.26].

Whatever you do, eat, give away, practise, you can do it as an offering to Me [cf 9.27].

The bondage of actions bears good or evil results [cf 9.28].

None is hateful or dear to Me. But I am in My devoted worshippers, and they are in Me [9.29].

The most sinful man must be regarded as righteous for the sake of the right resolution he has made, if he worships Me [cf 9.30].

Attain eternal peace [9.31].

Fix your mind. Having yourself, learn to come to Me [cf 9.34].

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