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Visits to Some Yogananda-related Pages
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Visits to Some Yogananda-related Pages

Yogananda: "Jesus said that as long as a devotee is conscious of . . . delusive things, such as mountains and holy cities, . . . he has not yet attained the ultimate state (1979:128)." Ask: "Where on earth did Jesus say that?"

The guru referred to on this page, is the swami-monk Yogananda (1893–1952). He founded Self-Realization Fellowship (SRF) and got it registered as a church in California in one of the last days in March 1935. He also confessed in a hand-written letter that ◦starting it was a great blunder. He spread his own variant of kriya-yoga. Its core method is the simple pranayama method termed ujjayi. There are books that describe it. It is public knowledge.

How many page visits have there been on "Yogananda pages" on the site so far?

It could be a bit less than 30,000 page visits a year, in average - or rather much upwards of it when Yogananda-related pages without "Yogananda" in the title is counted in. At any rate, between 15 Nov 2006 and 1 Jan 2018 there were 305,000 visits to pages with "Yogananda" in the title.

In such a long haul:

  • Looking into Autobiography of a Yogi
  • Yogananda's Complete Mortuary Report
  • Yogananda on Visions, Dreams, and Illusions
  • Yogananda on Sex. Quotations
  • Kriya Yoga of Satyananda and Yogananda Compared
  • Yogananda: Life and Teachings
  • Yogananda Praising Dictatorship and Mussolini
  • Yogananda Changed Kriya
  • Yogananda's Christianity
  • Yogananda's Various Past Lives, as Claimed
  • "The Wretch Arjuna" Reborn as Yogananda?
  • Yogananda Matters
  • Kriya Yoga and Yogananda Teachings
  • Yogananda's Rubaiyat Commentary, The Wine of the Mystic
  • Yogananda Literature Reviews

A few more might be recommended for those who are on the track to check if the Yogananda facade is fit:

  • Was Yogananda a War Criminal?
  • Yogananda's World University
  • Yogananda Prophesies and Gullibility
  • Yogananda Seeing Ghosts
  • Yogananda's Teachings and Father Mateo's Heresy Charges
  • Editing away Yogananda
  • Sleep and Yogananda
  • Yogananda on Death
  • Yogananda on Fun, Love, Joy and the Devil - Quotations
  • Hatless in Snowstorms

Mind that "most popular" is not always like "best". The Bell curve suggests the same phenomenon too in its way, as do findings of Dr Abraham Maslow in Motivation and Personality, 3rd ed, chap. 11.

(Try site searches to find any page of interest.)


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Maslow, Abraham. Motivation and Personality. 3rd ed. New York, HarperCollins, 1987.

Yogananda, Paramhansa. The Second Coming of Christ by Paramhansa Yogananda: From the Original unchanged writings of Paramhansa Yogananda's interpretations of the sayings of Jesus Christ. Vol 1. Dallas, TX: Amrita Foundation, 1979, p. 128.

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