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Much modified part of
Loki. From a manuscript illustration

An old outsmarting guru and his followers led to perdition

And Indian teaching is that for one true guru there may be nine maverick gurus. Or perhaps eight, or or less, and so on. False gurus, do they help all the way?

And could there be false gurus who give out false teachings aimed at harming their followers terribly? A guru designed to outsmart people appears in the Siva Purana. Through distorted and false teachings he brings good folks to their downfall, havoc and ruin, as intended. He outsmarts those who hail him. He is their hidden enemy, with false and wicked feats on his repertoire. [Narada maledictions]

Narada's false teachings gave birth to disharmonious, faulty teachings that upset the deep order for his follower-victims. The wicked and alluring, enticing Loki of Norse mythology may be compared to him.

Loki fathered hellish Hel, the big bad wolf Fenrir, and the monster-serpent that encircles the world. Loki was also the shape-shifter mother to an eight-legged horse and more.

Sly Loki survives in the folklore of Scandinavia, although his name has changed to Lokke and Lokkemand ["Entice-man", "Lure-man"]. Sholars are admittedly far from understanding him, assesses Gabriel Turville-Petre.

[WP, "Loki"]

Entropy - from en, inside', and the Greek tropé, transformation - means lack of order, lack of pattern or organisation, or disorder. Lack of fit order in the regulations and workings of an organism may be fatal. For example, if just one organ of a body fails , the whole organism with all its other organs may suffer and die.

The concept of entropy may serve to explain havoc caused by false teachings. One infectious but untrue teaching that makes it way to vital parts of you, may ruin you until your life snaps. It may happen, but hardly to all.

Guru words that aim at the good sides of you and infect and infest them with blunderbus sayings, untrue sayings, bluffs and the like, may create havoc. Some people could have benefited from good meditation otherwise.

Shamed and three times shamed

The more trust someone get tricked to put in false teachings, the worse his or her ensuing disappointment and shame may be to bear. Yoga-meditation, helpful for good souls, may be given up completely, or mental defence maneuvres set in somewhere.

Even though proficient meditation in itself should be a good thing, many false teachings may amount to making it too hard to meditate. Some general ideas on how to deal with swirling memories that can get recalled in meditation, need to be handled with care.

Research in Sweden on the Value of TM

This is about ◦:Transcendental Meditation, TM. It might be wise to get it.

There is evidence that ◦Transcendental Meditation helps our minds much, and is very, very safe in addition. Research in Sweden by Dr Jaan Suurküla makes it plain how much:

As early as in the 1970s, the Swedish government's National Health Board conducted a nationwide epidemiological study that found that hospital admissions for psychiatric care were 150-200 times less common among the 35,000 people practicing Transcendental Meditation in Sweden, than for the population as a whole. The calculation was made by Professor Jan-Otto Ottoson, Scientific counsellor of the National Health Board in Sweden (Suurküla, University of Gothenburg, Vasa Hospital, Gothenburg, Sweden, 1977.)

Source: Paper 127: Jaan Suurküla. "The Transcendental Meditation Technique and the Prevention of Psychiatric Illness." Vasa Hospital, University of Gothenburg, Sweden - Paper prepared in May 1977.

Dr Suurküla ends the paper thus:

The remarkably small incidence of psychiatric illness among the population of individuals who had learnt the Transcendental Meditation technique compared to the general population indicates that the TM technique is not only safe but also has considerable value in the prevention of psychiatric illness.

Dr ◦Suurküla further concludes in 2010:

TM has not only a preventive effect against psychiatric illness but effectively promotes mental stability and improved mental health, even in severely disturbed cases. . . .

Considering that there are important differences between the TM technique and [other] meditation techniques, there is no scientific basis for concluding that these results are valid for meditation techniques in general. [&9702;Suurküla findings]

More: ◦David Lynch Foundation.

A study in the American Journal of Managed Care indicates that there are no known side effects associated with the Transcendental Meditation technique.


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