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Self is a worthy experience. Alas for some other experiences.

Gains are not losses

Meditate . . . do not delay, lest you later regret it. - Buddha

Books and translations of books you embrace through life, could also hurt you by giving you funny ideas that lead to loss and loss. Skilful doubting and ◦TM, on the other hand, may hold helping hands against many losses, and many Buddha teachings help too. The Middle Path is for that.

Consciousness is not much of a "space-thing"

Hm The Supreme Self is beyond time and space . . . [is] pure being. - Swami Sivananda ◦[Link].

The aim of yogas is Self-knowledge (Atmajnana, knowing one's innermost or transcendent Self beyond time and space - yet also residing in time and space. The Vedic teaching is that Self may be found within oneself. It transcends all concepts of time and cosmos, and may help many on several levels. [◦Meditation research: Findings]

Learn to inspect

A candle cannot burn without fire; men cannot live without a spiritual life. - Buddha

One may inspect or check such things firsthand - at least tentatively. Learn to check well so as not to find your trust was misplaced and you lament years spent quite in vain.


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