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Love and Meditation
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Savoury Love and Meditation ☼

Let accomplishments of one step lead to tasks and accomplishments of the next step - that is what common scientific study and research aims at. [More] — [And more]

1. Throughout the world terrible technologies and merchandise outsmart people, exploiting nearly all. There may be much at stake

"It may start with a kiss." Proficient, deep kisses and hugs may lead to much else.

It does not have to be either love-making or meditation. A certain part of the ancient tradition that yogas are found within, makes use of both love-making and meditation together. It is called tantra yoga by some. There is both buddhist tantra and hindu tantra.

Love can be characterised by this: it causes old people to make room for newcomers. It may also cause the homes of inferior, unlucky or too exposed persons to split apart.

Improper love or love in unaccepted channels my undermine folks, and cause sufferings and downfalls. For such reasons secular love is usually guarded throughout the world.

Implement improvements, and seek to profit from planning the days even better still.

You seldom get away with it if you seek to profit from a partner.

Refrain from back-biting and terrible technologies altogether.

Proper technical outfit can helps, and so do smart, handed-over ways along general lines.

Discordant couples may try guidance as they seek to harmonise with one another.

Some may profit from bulwarking.

Love-making and unionising carries with it many simple developmental tasks, some obvious, and others more subtle. Some come to the fore only after many years.

Refrain from wasting time and other dear resources. ◇

Adhere to truth and tall awareness to get the better of underlying passions and struggles.

2. Knowledge of statistics and how to use it may help some couples get it better somehow

Successful love is helped onward and upward by realistic attitudes and constructive channels.

Urban living is seldom ideal for natural id unfoldment.

Adhere to solid measures that the involved parties can live up to willingly and well enough.

Sound home life is not only for those rare individuals that try to live up to high standards.

Truths are there to build on, and maybe relevant statistics help too in their way: it could improve the odds of happy, successful love and love fruits to gauge average odds of this and that - according to statistical findings - so as to increase or improve what has been found to be favourable in general.

If good love makes you blossom, a fruit could be near - impending, round the corner, so to speak. ◇

Give decent, able love a good chance to blossom and bear fruits and honour a tranquil home life. It is rarely a mistake to strip away marketing "necessities" that we benefit just as well from doing without. Jolly and skilled love-making counts too, in its way.

Love channelled into fair home life, should not rest on an unstable, indecent foundation. Love tends to drive newlyweds to manage better and guard against much the couple did not have to as single persons.

Share some fun and lovely scenery.

To savour life better, drop insistence among one another.

3. Buddha counsels favour delight too

Stick to benign, sharing roles of couples to the degree you can. You can seek to adjust to main ones as delineated by Buddha.

Getting enough protected counts too. Lax home life more easily results from it.

Even fools can do damage if allowed an entrance.

Pet illusions may result in injuries in time; let them drop away.

"Grudges or delight" may be the terms at first. ◇

It helps to delight in living too, and to know how to do it.


Technologies and merchandise exploit nearly all, and what they can. Terrible technologies and "good" statistics are bed fellows. Few delight in statistics, even though it may reveal general directions that are developing or changing, and forewarned can mean forearmed. And Buddha favours many benign delights and successes due to meditation skills and other skills. Some leave the human scale, and some form of "looting by factories" may follow. It goes a long way.


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