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1. When the sun shines, assist mental proficiency too

Good thinking – particularly against a worsening fare – is wanting. Kurt Lewin, often called the founder of social psychology, said: "Nothing is as practical as a good theory." [in Sop 11]

Many fail to make hay when the sun shines. To get cultivated, make hay when the sun shines.

Man grapples with theories for the lack of true thriving. How humorous is it if it fits?

Excellent canon can consist of lots of things.

If we are skilled at psychoanalytic thinking or TA we must consider suitable wavelengths of communication and expressions a whole lot. Sigmund Freud considered that better thinking is assisted by loosening up considerably.

Prevention is better than hopeless attempts at cure.

If you do not give up egalitarian rights and democratic notions better, then ardent media can flog you all day long; it also happens they throw only bones of harsh discipline your way. What is the alternative?

Very much so-called inspiration is too airy, not substantial enough to really count. Just keep some mental reserve to assist mental balance – it could pay.

2. Cults grow cramped believers

Behind folk tale elements there may be traces of older mythology. (3)

Stories of elves in folklore or from Findhorn Community in northwest Scotland are full of inherent wisdom. Peter, Dorothy, Eileen and helpers tried to bridge the gap between elves, humans and other essentials.

You may think that to go on believing literally in a hero that speaks with animals and routs out trolls and so on, is not for grown-ups any longer. Not so. In Hinduism the hero Rama, for example, is helped by an army of talking and fighting bears and apes to regain a fabled kingdom. And the story, Ramayana, is one of the folksy pillars of Hinduism.

A deeply authoritarian personality structure may crave strong leaders and crawl on the bellies for long to sponge well for a seeming, feigned balance.

There are counter-measures to cramping intrigues. Opposed to that we find flocks of cult believers.

To boost your cognitive development do not get desperate. It should help considerably to learn the "Get Tao" method for it.

Grow up to bask (Eden ideal)

Keep the wolves out.

In a cult, childhood isolation and even perverted family conditions "help" children to stick to fantasy fellows.

They that have no problems they are aware of, may study so as not to flounder later.

3. Good learning is for getting as smart as others, or you risk getting outwitted, especially when out of your waters

Call the bear "uncle" till you are safely across the bridge (Turkish). Many folktales and fables suit the wavelengths of many, many people. It has to be respected far and wide, for cementing and forming the culture depends on good stories, according to the cultural psychologist Jerome Bruner. Apt and well chosen stories – at times crazy-looking or up to adamantly silly to look at – can suit beginners nicely.

However, fairy tale canon and canon that operates on similar wavelengths can be abused, and that is where some delicate problems seem to crop up. For example, the French nobility altered folk tales to suit the ruling classes and their vanity, show of clothes and cosmetics, and impressed gullible guys with an outlook that entering the ranks of nobility was the cream of success. Charles Perrault too commented on that by, "If a [dressed-up] miller's son can win the heart of a princess in so short a time, causing her to gaze at him with lovelorn eyes, it must be due to his clothes, his appearance, and his youth. These things do play a role in matters of the heart." [1]

It is an old, essential instruction that those who get duped by great-looking words, may end up without assets and much assets-alloted worldly esteem.

Do not be scared stiff, jolted, or scared from being as smart as you are, and to act from within too.

Many traditional fairy tales are surreal; they break the bonds of the ordinary and contain miraculous happenings in a set, regulated way most often.

Solid, rational Taoism's rewarding outputs assist us in staying in very good surroundings as long as we like. That is one idea.

To pay lip service may be for ulterior ends, and seeking gains. Better be aware of it.

To get stunted is not good enough.

What is needed is skill and aplomb with little expense. Salient wisdom in tales helps that, and lax surroundings, likeable and lax peers and perhaps skilled clowns.

Those who place themselves under another's flag or an organisation's flag some way or other, are they in for losing of winning? "You win some, you lose some," is a saying. (7)

Like the finest kissing, proper self-assertiveness cannot be all counterfeited.


When the sun shines, grasp that there are key words that mean lots of things and different things to different people, also outside politics. So get safe enough so as not to flounder by those who misuse the term to catch and blunt people to ride on.


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Symbols, brackets, signs and text icons explained: (1) Text markers(2) Digesting.

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