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Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (1918–2008). Courtesy of Maharishi Press Center.

We don't want to see anyone unhappy [so] we are busily engaged in teaching meditation. It's for our joy. - Maharishi

A beautiful, complete science of totality . . . is what we want to give to the world - Maharishi

It's not the Will of God that anyone suffers. - Maharishi. Press conference, 3 July 2002]

Live your life to the fullest. - Maharishi

Here is an invitation, a cordial invitation for you all to come and enjoy the Blissful Grace and All Powerful Blessings of my Lord the Great Swami Brahmanand Saraswati, the Great among the greats of the Himalayas. - Maharishi

The real joy of life lies . . . beyond the field of sense perception. - Maharishi

Asked why he brought TM to the West: "For bliss".

The Ocean of Life is inside. It could be good to gain from this knowledge. Hopefully, contemplation develops the Ground for such gains too.


Maharishi quotations accompanied with a coloured picture of Guru Dev
Shankaracharya Brahmananda, Maharishi's and the TM movement's Guru Dev

By the grace of my master, I have found a simple technique, a simple formula, to transform the inner man to the great height of the spiritual level, and to bring it to every man everywhere, I have come out. - Maharishi 1960]

Due to a simple natural innocent process, meditators would be able to act rightly and enjoy life to the full. To gain this control over karma the practice [Maharishi] recommended was . . . Transcendental Meditation. - Paul Mason, ch. 15]

Action speaks much louder than words and leaves its footprints on the sand of time much longer. - Maharishi

I am now a bad example to you. Because of too busy a schedule, I have not tended to my own body's strength. You must let nothing in life interfere with your meditation. - Maharishi


Maharishi Mahesh Yogi - Quotations


I have brought . . . to the modern man . . . a simple technique of living in peace and happiness. - Maharishi

If we are all strong, stable, we can set our sail with any wind in the world that comes along. If we are not strong, we are like a leaf in the wind. So we meditate, EVERY DAY, REGULARLY, and gain transcendental being in our everyday life and then we are strong. - Maharishi

Why should a man suffer having God within himself? And what is the value of oneself if he keeps suffering? - Maharishi

Why waste time in helplessness ...? Why suffer when you can enjoy? . . . let the days of misery and peacelessness be over. - Maharishi

Many preachers of Christianity, preachers of Islam, preachers of Buddhism are practising Transcendental Meditation. - Maharishi. Press conference, 3 July 2002]

Success in anything is through happiness. - Maharishi

To produce a good, harmonious and healthy atmosphere . . . it is necessary that man live in happiness, peace, and abundance. - Maharishi

Live full Being. - Maharishi

The essence [is] to live a peaceful and joyful and harmonious life. - Maharishi

Begin to enjoy, because it is the grace of the almighty - Maharishi

My technique does not involve withdrawal from normal material life. It enhances the material values of life - Maharishi

Those who meditate, they retire from the outside, they take their awareness from the outside and gradually go deep into the thinking process and eventually go beyond the thought. Transcend thought and then the thinking mind, the conscious mind becomes consciousness. When it goes beyond thought then it transcends thought and becomes consciousness. This consciousness is pure consciousness. The nature of this pure consciousness is bliss.---the Absolute. This is called Being. - Maharishi

A criterion of natural duty ---an action which is necessary and does not produce any undue tension or strain in the doer and his surroundings is his natural duty. - Maharishi

Provide facilities for the teaching of Transcendental Meditation. - Maharishi

One sits down comfortably in a chair or wherever one wants, and he uses a thought that he has been given specially for himself and he starts experiencing the subtler state of thought. - Maharishi

The liveliness of the infinite is cognized on the bed of the finite . . . when the conscious mind has become vibrant with the infinite value and the perception has become so refined as to spontaneously cognize the finest relative values. - Maharishi

If we are not clear in our conscience then we will . . . be weak. - Maharishi

Attend to your own inner health and happiness. Happiness radiates like a fragrance from a flower and draws all good things towards you. - Maharishi


Mantra Thought

The harmony between the vibrations of the body and the vibrations of the mantra, the harmony between them decides the suitability of the mantra to the individual. - Maharishi

Life desires to be lived in the state of fulfillment. - Maharishi

The experience of [the TM borne] consciousness is nothing other than the very nature of the mind. - Maharishi

The natural tendency of the mind is to go to a field of greater happiness. Everyone wants more power, more happiness, and this desire expresses the tendency of life.270 - Maharishi

The correct choice of the mantra is highly necessary. - Maharishi

[Make sure to] select the suitable thought, suitable thought. - Maharishi

Proceeding toward the subtler layers of the expression of creative intelligence within the mind, we experience a tender field of feeling. Deep within the tenderness of feeling we experience the 'Myness' of feeling. We say, 'I feel like this.' 'I feel.' 'I feel my feelings.' So the I in the seat of all my myness is more tenderly located within the feeling. Deep within the I is a more tender level of creative intelligence which is 'I-ness'. The 'I-ness' is almost the abstract value of individual existence, intelligence. And deep within, that individual 'I-ness' is boundless - the unmanifest, non-changing, immortal, eternal reality. - Maharishi

Nourish the [inner, central] feeling [found in TM]. - Maharishi mod.]

Action should be to nourish the fine feeling developed in the practice of the TM sidhi program. - Maharishi

The self-fulfilled state, which we call transcendental consciousness, is the source of all activity. We call it the unified field. - Maharishi

The kingdom of heaven is like electricity. You don't see it. It is within you. As a result of regular practice, [the state of unbounded awareness] is maintained more and more . . . as though we were to take a white cloth and dip it in yellow dye. We bring the cloth out and put in the sun and the yellow fades away. Then we put it back again and again into the color and back again and again into the sun. It keeps on becoming yellow and yellow and yellow, then fading, fading, fading. But over time the color becomes permanent. . . . [Thus, likewise,] through regular practice that unbounded awareness, that pure consciousness becomes ingrained in all activities of the mind [and] Unity Consciousness becomes a living reality. - Maharishi mod.]

Transcendental Meditation ranges from active mind - or performing mind - to quiet mind - or resting mind. - Maharishi


Practical Living

Transcendental Meditation makes the active mind fully silent, . . . that silence remains when one comes out of meditation. - Maharishi

It may take a little self-discipline - be simple, be kind, stay rested. Attend to your own inner-health and happiness. - Maharishi

Pick something great to do and do it. - Maharishi

Speak the Truth but see that you are speaking delicately. - Maharishi

Naturalness is the basis of effectiveness. - Maharishi

The centuries-old medicine-predominated approach to health has failed to eliminate sickness and suffering; this is because medicine alone is too superficial . . . A holistic approach . . . an be successful in handling health. - Maharishi on Vedic health care]

The present health care system is not only incomplete, but it has been found to be dangerous. - Maharishi, Vedic Approach to Health]

The state of being from which nature's intelligence functions . . . is where we find the principle of least action . . . it is the fundamental level of life. - Maharishi

The factor of time is very vital in life - Maharishi

Problems are not solved on the level of problems . . . the solution lies in watering the root [the Deep Mind inside though the art of contemplation] - Maharishi

We are raising a voice against suffering - Maharishi

Anything we know of Natural Law, we want to implement it. - Maharishi, Press conference, 11 September 2002]

Life aspires to be lived on the level of abundance, on the level of affluence. - Maharishi

No man engaged in the field of change should ever be allowed to remain there all the time. He should be given the opportunity, his body and mind should be cultured so that imperishable state of eternal Being permeates all these changing phenomena in the relative world. - Maharishi

Human concepts, no matter how grand they may appear, have limitations. - Maharishi

God grants us the faculty to open ourselves to peace. - Maharishi

If we are weak, we will always put ourselves at the whim of others. We do not base our lives on the opinions of others. - Maharishi

Just behave in a natural way. Don't make moods . . . wondering what anyone thinks of us. - Maharishi

Veda is enlivened in one's awareness. . . . by having the intelligence be itself. - Maharishi

Naturalness is the basis of effectiveness. If one poses to be something else, one loses the charm of naturalness. - Maharishi

It is the responsibility of the older generation to advise the young, to tell the child what is right and wrong. Even if they do not want to listen to follow our direction, it is right to tell them. - Maharishi

The factor of time is very vital in life. Those who have accomplished great things have valued time. - Maharishi, abr.]

Anyone who is seriously interested and will not disturb, is welcome to come to Switzerland and see for themselves whether my students can levitate. - Maharishi to physicists]

Transcendental experience awakens . . . divinity in man. And when you kill a man you deprive him of that birthright of his. - Maharishi abr.]

Nature knows best how to organise. - Maharishi

I am digging deeper and deeper into Vedic Science here in India with the Vedic Pandits . . . each day I am busy enjoying different values of Vedic Science. - Maharishi

It is our joy to be considered impossible - and it is our greater joy to make the impossible a living reality. - Maharishi

If one is enjoying, it is more of the Will of God; and if one is established in total possibilities, then it is absolute Will of God. - Maharishi

An uneducated man - he will get tired everywhere. - Maharishi

An educated man knows how to do things so that he doesn't get tired. - Maharishi

Two requirements - regularity in meditation and leading a good life in society, day-to-day a good life. - Maharishi

I lack only 1 billion dollars to make a world - better world . . . Capitalist country, in their own fog, unless they get something privately themselves, they'll not indulge into it. - Maharishi

[Do] not put anyone to a hard-work direction. - Maharishi

A good teacher will appreciate the good qualities of his students - Maharishi

If one loses the charm of naturalness . . . one accumulates stress. - Maharishi

Major problems are not solved on the level of problems. The solution lies in watering a root. - Maharishi, mod. And in tune with acupuncture theory] - Maharishi

Nature knows best how to organise. - Maharishi

It is a great science of life which does not require hard work. - Maharishi

I recommend to people organic agriculture, Vedic organic agriculture. - Maharishi


Vedic Living

"In Thy presence, my Lord, . . . I feel Thy grace." - Maharishi

We have an infinite number of reasons to be happy, and a serious responsibility not to be serious. - Maharishi

With the practice of deep meditation (Transcendental Meditation) the mind contacts the Bliss Consciousness of the Spirit and becomes more peaceful, happy, creative and powerful. This state of mind enriches - - Maharishi

[On India:] Such a beautiful country . . . It's waking up now. - Maharishi

Be as delicate as possible. - Maharishi

Enlightenment is the basis of knowledge. - Maharishi

We have been teaching the knowledge that we received from Guru Dev, our Master. - Maharishi

"Guru Dev, had studied, not under a Shankaracharya, but under Swami Krishnanand Saraswati a swami of Shringeri Math. One could reasonably infer from this that it was he who passed on the knowledge of the mantras to Swami Brahmanand(a)." [Paul Mason, ch. 18]

Religion covers the individual, family, nation, international, world, God, Creator, Almighty, Omnipresent. - Maharishi

Consciousness is the basis of all life and the field of all possibilities. Its nature is to expand and unfold its full potential. - Maharishi

Something else I am going to do from the level of the Vedic wisdom of life, which proclaims man is divine. - Maharishi

So many preachers of Christianity, Islam, Buddhism-they all practice Transcendental Meditation and find a correlation with this theme of perfection in life through higher consciousness. - Maharishi

The Pope, of course, will never be happy with the violence on earth. - Maharishi

Killing is sin in every religion. - Maharishi

Somebody told me that during the lifetime of Buddha 500 people got Nirvana, 500. So he must have made a great impact on the masses during his lifetime, otherwise he wouldn't survive till today. - Maharishi

Vedic astrology - the jyotishis [Vedic astrologers] calculate the whole of life from the past and they calculate the whole of life in future . . . some Vedic performances (yagyas) . . . can avert [future, impending] danger. - Maharishi

Transcendental Meditation is completely opposed to what self-hypnosis is. - Maharishi

The good that he has done to others . . . comes back to him. - Maharishi

This Vedic education [TM and corollaries] is not through reading, or studying, or remembering of anything, but waking up within oneself and spontaneously having a natural authority over the total organizing power of natural law [i.e. Cosmic Mind inside etc.]. - With Maharishi

Anything that is helpful to life, anything that will save life from pains and suffering and all those difficulties, that is - that is our intention, to have a better world created. - Maharishi

I have promoted a program which is practical, positive, and simple for every individual. . . . I learned it from my master . . . Swami Brahmananda Saraswati, in the Himalayas in India. - Maharishi

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