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Fire in Dry Grass - 4

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"To enjoy health in old age, or to be 'old and healthy,' is the greatest of human luck," writes Lin Yutang, in The Importance of Living (New York: Reynal and Hitchcock, 1937, 198). There is greater luck than that, such as being lucky and healthy all life through. Yutang's overdoing of a good point aside, the aging process can be slowed down so that we may enjoy life considerably more and longer. There is research on it. [◦TM research]

  1. Sound Grumbles
  2. The Best
  3. Wise Enough Fun
  4. Bubbling Bliss and Adequate Humour
  1. Feeding the Easy Life
  2. Souls and Women
  3. Bran-wise
  4. Profound Women

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