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Feeding the Easy Life


Feeding the Easy Life


By fixing your eyes on petty gains and refusing to listen to sound, proficient counsel, you may end up deprived, attacked and looted, says Han Fei. [Uon 51-2]

In the epic poem Mahabharata five brothers share one woman. Yogananda claims he was one of those polyandrous wife-sharers in a previous life. This paves the way for considerations around having four, five or six masters perfectly attuned to Jesus who said "Have only one".

Be that as it may, Santa Claus is far more popular around Christmas time than Jesus, and straws tell which way the wind blows. There can be a sad side to almost everything. Do not be fooled. Unsound braying can lead a heart astray.

Do greater works than Jesus and feel good [John 14:12; Matthew 17:21; 19:26; Mark 9:23].

Much attention needs to be put to matters that pertain to ecology and planet-running in days ahead (written in 1997). Warned folks may live (British proverb).

A Few Things to Adhere To

THE drunk may end up forfeiting even a favourable situation and sully former accomplishments somehow.

Learning things very, very well and becoming well aligned to history somehow may lead to the staunchest friends of philosophy, among others.

By meting out fair dealing with as little brutality as can be, a well-run home tends to win people over. ◊

Find and use the special appeal of endearing, gentle humour in good time, and once in a while.

IT is far from pleasant to act as an outright antagonist. Better to realise those looming life-goals that Buddha and Hinduism offers. [Link] (3)

Adhere to gentle influence and enough relevant knowledge so as not to go overboard. If unarmed, one may become a victim, not unlike a human stone column, perhaps. ◊

Try to seek triumphs from investigating and gauging much, and then you may succeed to bring order where there was little of it earlier. Many things may thus be finally cultivated in old age, and also decisions needed to run a life very well. It is for reasons like these it may pay to listen to the voice of experience.

It tends to make life easier to be known for something, and perhaps also to realise that love comes to an end and loved ones disappear.

Through being allied with successful partners in marriage or otherwise, you can eventually shape them.

Catch what is needed to accomplish the main goals in life in truth and confidence, to go for them a long way at least.

OUT of wide-ranging interests: humour becomes possible. (5)

Learn to shoot straight, and also to ponder and attend to details. Guts attuned to that of fields and lakes and rivers may work excellently.

To become part of a growth group and loved ones, or part of something, could help too.

Make your wisdom so sturdy and success so solid that you will not get easily stunted. If you succeed in some of these things.

Aim to learn to avoid self-discipline that is to your loss, eventually. [T+]

And so

Even though there may lie a special appeal in forfeiting the good life because of brutality against you and your next of kin - for example turning the other cheek, letting bullies get away with it when they crave your home, partner, and other assets, just as Jesus tells non-Gentine followers to do [Matthew 5:39-42, etc.; Acts 15; 21:25] - it is up to vital to find out who lets evildoers and encroachers win without fight thereby, and find out tht nothing good happens by handing over assets to non-deserving ones either, in great likelihood. Find much better norms to live by, thus. Many of the looming life goals of Hinduism and Buddhism serve humans far better, and they have no cloven foot either.

It is far from easy to remain in excellent straightness throughout a long life, but no stunting alternatives are anything near it, I conclude. Thus, let benign justice be served if you can. That is what many old laws are for, ideally.

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Uon: Watson, Burton, tr. Basic Writings of Mo Tzu, Hsün Tzu, and Han Fei Tzu. New York: Columbia University, 1964.

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