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Primary outlines. Vatican-endorsed knowledge

The Tantrasar ☼

The Tantrasara is a work attributed to Abhinavagupta (ca. 950–1020 CE). He was a philosopher, aesthetician, musician, poet, and logician, and a proponent of Kashmir Shaivism philosophy, which is rooted in the Tantras.

1. Practice Kriya Pranayama and See the Ocean is the All-Heart. Then go on from there

In the beginning, Oceans are seen, Voidness are seen, and the bright day is felt. (137)

One who has become tranquil sees many things. (134)

Practice Kriya every day. ⚶ The field of practicing Kriya is the center at the heart. (134)

Whether one practices Kriya well or otherwise, Kriya is the means to achieve Oneness with the ultimate Self. (132, mod)

2. Do not Ignore how to Practice for Sound Benefits

When one's behavior obstructs the Kriya practice, then one feels happiness which is really unhappiness. (131)

The Kularnaba Tantra says, "The Self is the Guru." Also the Vedas say the same. (130)

3. Practice Some Rounds of Kriyas to avoid Hell, Is the Teaching

"Somehow one should practice Kriya." [as quoted] [138] (5)

Hold onto the Beatitude of the ultimate Self. This is called "kindness" [etc.]. (131] (7)


To practice kriya for benefits and avoid all pitfalls may be wise.


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Harvesting the hay

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