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Japanese Proverbs and Expressions  D–F
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Deer of autumn come at the blowing of a flute. [It is used about love-sick men]

Don't become too intimate with a worthwhile person. [Cf. Familiarity breeds contempt.]

Don't give an order after listening only to one side. [Be sure to look on both sides before making decisions. Cf. Look on both sides of the shield.]

Don't let your daughter-in-law eat your autumn eggplants. [Don't let yourself be taken advantage of.]

Don't suffer headache for the lumbago of another. [Mind your own business.]


Eating is preferable to amorousness. [There are some who prefer eating to sexual activity. Cf. Without bread and wine even love will pine.]

Edo (Tokyo) is the rubbish heap of men. [All sorts of people from all parts of the country flock there.]

Egg plants do not grow on melon vines. [There are different kinds of folks too. Cf. The onion will not produce a (sweet-smelling) rose.]

Even a small grain of Japanese pepper is hot. [Not only great size may influence people.]

Even an imaginary river goblin is sometimes drowned. [Mod. Kappa no kawa nagare. "The kappa drowns in the river." The kappa is an imaginary river goblin that drowns people.]

Even beautiful things must be used with caution. [Abr.]

Even in a metropolis we may find backward people and conditions. [In the Capital there are rural elements.]

Even medicine when exceeded becomes poison.

Even the face of Jizo, three times. [There are limits to insults one can accept. Jizo, a popular buddhist deity, is the patient and loving guardian of little children and travellers.]


Fate assists the courageous. [Cf. Fortune favors the brave.]

First authority (influence), second money, third a good figure. [To win a woman's heart you may need at least sound self-esteem and support.]

First drive off the flies from your own head. [Mind your own business.]

Fish and water. [Two close friends who constantly help each other. Cf. To be hand in glove with.]

Flowers from parched peas. [Something that very rarely happens.]

From the fingers of a skillful hand, water may leak. [An expert sometimes makes a slip.]


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