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Calamity – Candour – Capitalism, sunny – Care – Cause – Caution – Censure – Certainty – Change – Character – Charity – Cheerfulness – Children – Choice – Christianity – Clarity – Cleverness – Common – Company – Civilisation – Class – Committee – Common sense – Communication – Compatibility – Compromise – Confidence – Conflict – Conformity – Conscience – Contentment – Contribution – Conversation – Coping – Country – Courage – Courtesy – Cranks – Creativity – Credulity – Crime – Crisis – Criticism and critics – Crooks – Culture – Custom


Calamity is not man's true touchstone; clarity is.

Art and humour is man's calamity reflected a lot.


Candour is linked to the good sense of being honest with your others.

One who cannot be candid, may not get enough help from psychoanalysis.

Examine first, do not just blurt out.

Some of the brightest gems of criticism come from being frank enough.

Capitalism, sunny

It can help to own that part of wealth which is channelled to getting further wealth.


Care for children and wife can change our future lot for better or much worse.

We should be careful to assist true sayings as far as we know them, for much cramping conformity can be bred and spread for the lack of that.

Sound circumspection can help a lot if you are helped to accomplish something valuable to your home or yourself on top of it.

Wear and tear and gross responsibility may reduce the life-length by dozens of years unless you take care and know just how to deal with large adjustments and small details that blend into another and work together.


Small men hardly suit great commandments.


Great caution is family-oriented and not just of wearing special clothes. It can help to get educated and oriented and learn to communicate well.

We should get forewarned enough to count the cost where it counts so as to let what is rarefied prevail.


To go carefully into the unpleasantnesses of a little censure can be a way to get rid of it, if not to correct ourselves.


To be hardly sure of a thing to hold on to, means one could be in for losing it.

What we call certainty we should delight in and not just feel very certain about.


For happy and luck-giving changes, administer elegance so that what is apparently in front turns smooth and welcoming, if not calm, lovely and friendly.

Things cannot change by exercise of free will, but we can.

You can grow large through changes; not all change is of growth.


Build character through honest deeds and thoughts before you advise anyone "Be yourself!"

Character may be regarded as the long-range sum of things you know, perceive, and live out. So watch your thoughts; that is the least you can do.

Character is in part an outcome of habits.

Appropriate character is not always lost when a mere ideal is sacrificed wisely for the sake of fit conformity and deserved popularity (It is a lot better to have good ideals than to let unsound ideals have you.)


Charitable fasting ennobles and great wit enriches.

If blunt fasting reduces one's hold on savoury things, it is a deep punishment and should not be engaged in. The same goes for charity.

It should be considered to what extent serious fasting persons are marring ones, and criminals, that feel they need to punish themselves and persevere into a better fortune that way. And the same goes for charity. When it gets just serious, it is not much good.

A fasting person who sobs and weeps from it, could blame many others that way, and by his charity too. It could pay to be careful and observe gladness of heart.


A good laugh of cheer is a sister of wisdom. Increase cheerfulness if you are up to it.

Cheerfulness removes many sorts of mental rust, and even if cheerful people may not live longest here on earth, some remain in our hearts.


Fallen children rarely take trouble enough to assist their aged parents full well.


To make a choice of blends, extract good sides and let others lie and slowly sort out the evils as they arise, may be one of the world's most overlooked marks of a gentleman.

Refrain from making bad and fatal choices and decisions just to follow other people and be in with such ones because you falter.


Devilish and unsavoury Christianity is to be looked at from a safe distance only.

Degeneration is a price to pay for not staying aloof from faulty instructions, so there is a need to be vigilant.


Let gentle clarity see you through - that inner, guiding light. At the same time and along with it, you could enjoy food and drink and be as happy as you can.


Look for a situation in which your work will give you as much happiness as your spare time.

It is not enough just to be clever, but see if it helps.


What cannot last a while, is hardly fit for being common.


Inferior company usually makes us unhappy.

Holding together brings good fortune, whereas sublimity happens to ward of misfortunes. So cultivate friendly relations, and stay away from wrong people. They obstruct great things and good fortune, whereas great people can mould good fortune for those who come within their range.


Every right the leader claims for himself, should be designed to favour future civilisation, and be realised downwards into all enclaves and holons of a good company too.


To serve one's class and fit fabric must be better than serving stupid ones, as they destroy.


A one-man committee could be better than a body of unfeeling and much unfit ones.

Common sense

Deep in collective common sense lie the sparkling adaptations we live by.

It is best not to tire of the rich and rewarding common sense we live by.

The rare gift: Common sense.


To communicate well is hardly by stealth and sacrificing victims.


To find your wife laughing when you have tears in your eyes reveals some compatibility defect, like a rift. And the rift may get deeper too.

Two persons that are compatible, try to spend time together and only rarely blame one another.

A part of compatibility is sublime, and brings friendly genuineness and constancy.


Better leak a little than over-stretch and leak a lot.

Much we like and do not like helps our investigations into our deeper recesses, if we dare to follow such leads.


Betrayed confidence stimulates reserve, and reserve keeps others at a distance, hampers good will and jolly undertakings, and hampers free-flowing successes where you are.

It is regrettable if you happen to break the trust and warm-hearted confidence of any member of your family.

Do not confide in fools just to be on the safe side -


Ambivalence can suggest a disagreement felt.

If you are ambivalent, you could try to find someone to talk with about the feelings and what the causes could be - someone to trust, that is.

There is at times a part of you that knows what is good to do, and other parts that do not want it.

We can feel quite enslaved by what we know we should do, and by good, sensible reasons.


Conform ways may seem like idiot ways, but if others thrive there should be hope ahead.

Watch out for rigmarole, drivel, and a canon that suits conform members of large and small sects and cults.

If a man does not keep pace with his companions, he needs lots of strength to handle it.

Great conform manners allows jolly men and woman and a helping hand. To have less in operation looks like being outsmarted.

The dangers of conformity are not likely to show up a lot at first look.

The first day you get conform can feel terrible without knowing why. Things may be as unsavoury as that.

There needs to be nothing bad to say about good and rewarding conformity, or does it squeeze out brighter moments?

The good artist knows better than operating in flocks at all times.


A good conscience can tell you to both to limit your success or not to persevere in limiting goings, besides aiding fit self-esteem.

Conscience is a deep inner sense, and may get blunted by not being listened to. We may end in ruins by disguised, evil associates also.

The good conscience also examines conduct to check what would be good to persevere in and perhaps how far such things would be good too.

Do not limit your conscience; practice it suitably instead as you remain as conform as you are up to - riding on top of helpful conformism, that is.

Consider a still voice within is willing to ruin your faultily founded welfare.

Who acts against his or her conscience one day, may not cut it off altogether that day.

He who sacrifices his knife to conscience, may be in for having a hard time later.

Like a dead rat putrefying in a closet, our conscience may warn us that something wrong is going on, even if nobody is seeing it.

Conscience is like a lamp, and some try to cover it totally.

If you learn to implement self-esteem by conscience, your self-esteem needs never end.

To accumulate first-class guilt and remorse makes for peaceful living. Every conscience knows that.


He who is content to live among swine, what is the matter with him? Is he filled with too much divine humility or something else? [Cf. jivamuktas]

Contentment is good, but is soon behind us, alas. Yesterdays' contentment does not count much today, or does it?


A fit man often finds little of interest in philosophical discussions and blah-blah.

There can be no defence like a laboratory experiment.

Speak in no haphazard way until you are sure what pays. Interestingly, the surest ways may look instantaneous, spontaneous, and maybe a bit irrational to many others. The bet is many of those contributions matter for long too.

It may be wise to apply the oil of gentle and savoury speech so as not to hurt one's listeners and family. As Buddha says, "Better than a thousand hollow words is one word that brings peace." - Instead of abusive speech, speak "words that are soothing to the ear, that are affectionate, that go to the heart." [More]


Good slogans liven up many pieces of conversation that can be warmed up by weather forecasts.

We cannot please everybody, so first look deep inside and adjust better if needs be.

A good memory is one help and silence is another in the art of conversation. But not every great man feels he has to succeed in the latter of the two.


To cope well, realise well, and remain as classy as you can.


If all peoples hate the three Northern countries, Norway, Sweden and Denmark, it may not be in that order.


If you need to show courage, pause and consider it can mean others were smarter than you a long time before that.

The courage to crack a joke in a sinister place is not suited to everyone.

There is no reason to glorify the courage forms that may be spelt out: "Came too late for better deals" and such things.

It may take courage to prove authority figures wrong indeed.

The bravery we need is what we profit from ourselves, and also deep inside. It had better be funnelled into proper handling ways, good gear and business professionalism the sooner the better.

The courage to let it be is not a bad thing in itself.

Few think that the courage you demonstrate, hardly is the best form of courage, not first-class. Great courage shows up in how wisely you live too, and not only in decisions you make.


Polite manners count, and few things are better to ensure congenial living.

Politeness in dealing with evil is at times out of the question, and at other times needs to go a long way along with such as seriousness and uncompromising thoroughness.

Politeness is in part something that bitches do not obtain full well.

Politeness is in part to signal, "Everything looks easy; just there may lie a danger."

Politeness is good for cultivating friendly relationships.

Uprooting corruption is a very difficult task for polite men and women.


Establishing dogmas on top of your cranks and coercive impulses could bring on an unproductive fare.


An original perspective may not be the best one.

Be on the outlook for a good, solvency-making question around and answer that.

Incubation tends to nurture finer ideas. In other words, you have to see to it that ideas and inspirations are allowed to work inside you for some time. When such incubated ideas burst forth, you may find you function creatively.

Maybe there is a complementary outlook that fits in better - or some second right answer.

Only rarely can a whim foster and help a creative artist on and up.

One way to foster better ideas in time, could be to get lots of ideas and throw the bad ones away.

The figurative rim of a very good question brings us to many a plausible way to find answers.

You can write down your ideas if you are one step ahead. If everyone laughs at them, maybe you are three and four steps ahead.


It pays to bulwark honest child hearts against great-looking tenets and others that come on strong, for honest hearts may get hurt from intense credulity - much like good will.


New times, new crimes.


A crisis that raids and throws away your significant good opportunities is not to be mocked and taken lightly, as it aborts a lot friendships to come your way.

In some crises we get angered, in slowly developing ones we lose sense and maybe guts too as time rolls by.

Criticism and critics

At the back of strong, but unfair criticism lies a barren, self-serving giant demon.

Honestly to award - inside that lies many a germ of criticism.


Why expect crooked guys to be good to others when they are not good and fair to themselves?


Fair culture enlarges a heart.

Translations almost inevitably reflect pieces of the culture and conditions and times they are translated into.


Good customs help. Advocating good customs is hardly that much, and yet it helps, too.


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