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Darling – Death – Debt – Deceit – Decency – Decisions – Democracy – Dependence – Despair – Destiny – Difficulty – Dignity – Diplomacy – Discontent – Dishonesty – Dive, or meditate – Doctor – Drinking – Dupe, duping – Doubt – Dream


The darling shows strength.


Counteract dying if you are up to it and the consequences.

If you do not outsmart death, you can do much less.

Seriously doubt the teaching that "Whatever one thinks of at the time of death, accordingly one becomes that". Suppose you think of a battle scene that someone has painted, a scene where 16000 men with elephants and horses are fighting without fighting, because it is a painting hanging on the wall in front of you. Does the dying you, when thinking of that scene at your departure, become (a) that battle over again, long after it happened? (b) a painting? (c) a battle where everybody is still, as in the painting? (d) Will you become everything and everyone in the painting, including the frame? How likely is it to be turned into a still picture that moves and is history - not happening now, but -? I think it is wise to discard that teaching.


If you want to acquire debt in banks, strive to present yourself as someone who just barely needs a loan or five.

If you want to avoid paying debts, do not amass them in the first place, but remain sincere at heart so as to succeed better somehow in carrying on the business that may last.

Misfortune comes from falling into the abyss of debt by striving to get things one cannot really afford.

Eat simple, solid food, have simple things, and remain just, rather than being bound with the cords and ropes in a debt-prison that is thorn-hedged and causes further misfortune.


When someone deceives himself the chances are he is not glad.


Try to link up to a decent, truth-telling source, as much savoury in life depends on it.


It is through your moments of decision that perseverance comes forth along with a job to sustain a family.

Much overt decisiveness is a hallmark of first steps in living - only first steps.


The more we invest in an authoritarian society, the more robbed we tend to get of finer or democratic sides of ourselves.


No humans should have to depend only on themselves throughout life, for it easily creates tragedies.


Silly hopes can ruin you.

We should not foster silly hopes and dreams that give rise to future despair, but have good money in the bank. Ready money helps too. The question is how to get it.


Cruel moms might desire a bad fate for their offspring, and soon no one seems to care about it in the end. [Cf. 'life scripts']


Difficulties further misfortunes, which drive us to undertake something and perhaps get into better harmony with good life.

Innocent behaviour should foster better fortune.

To undertake something difficult is rarely a mark of being truly easy-going.


There is dignity in most natural functions; in passing water too, if you care to look for it. [Cf. The Chuang Tzu 22:6]

There is a savoury hardiness about real dignity setting in. [With Owen D. Young]


A dedicated diplomat can remember a lady's birthday but not her age.


Who is not satisfied with himself could learn many things in vain as he goes on without remedying that.


Honeyed words deceive some people.

Dive, or meditate

Careful diving can end well.

General health reserves can be increased by TM.


Consider with great care that "You do not have to be ill to be a doctor."


To drink eagerly - "every cat" knows that's the way to do it.

Dupe, duping

Duping is a looming problem, as people today are exposed to much hearsay.


Fools and fanatics rarely give in to modest doubt, and that can be how doubt enters.


If you record your dreams for long, some dreams might start to fade due to such activity.

It can be good to ponder your vivid dreams and seek to detect underlying reasons for them. [Link 1 - Link 2 - Link 3]

Nothing seen in a dream needs to be taken literally till it is seen as foretelling future happenings.


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