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Jealousy – Jokes, joking – Joy – Joy of living


Stay away from the conform lot and you will not be envied by them till you get famous - and thus hardly ever.

Jokes, joking

A fit joke can count for much among well educated people too.


Joy of living comes to the sincere and unobstructed, but hardly from engaging in dreary conflicts.

The cautious that see well, may improve their lots and reap better living conditions, and that can be considered the beginning. [It is encompassed in the six first steps of The Noble Eightfold Path.]

Joy of living

Young folly has success at living with glee and pleasures, so there are very good reasons to bear with that sort of stuff, and bear it in kindliness. One reason is that such non-sinister fellows in time become those who take charge of households and goings of even a whole nation, and then give a lot to the elderly too.


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