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37. Chia Jen - The Family (The Clan). Dwelling People / A Household

Trigrams: Sun, the gentle, wind, is on top of Li, the clinging, fire.
See: 0 Lib — 5 Lib 38.

Statement: Uplifting words can have influence when they are pertinent and benefit at least some of those involved.

li0 and hexagram 37
To be sincere is the basic of good fortune. In a home the wife has to be so, but she doesn't have to be glittering. The reduced anxiety that open-handed sincerity favours, may enrich a family for generations.

The loving reverence of the son is fit for faithfulness to duty. (W)

Words have influence when they are pertinent and related to the goings, where general discourses and admonitions may have little or no effect. (W)

The proficient character can of itself exercise an uplifting influence. Everybody has his or her function. (W, M)

Order within the family may ultimately depend on the character of the master of the house. Unbridled silliness and diversion can lead to sadness and humiliation. (W, M)

The functional family is a team where children learn to exercise their developing faculties by playing and by imitating the more experienced members of the family. (M)

Good leaders direct communal affairs for the benefit of all. (M)


20. Kuan - Contemplation (View). Viewing / Deep Understanding

Trigrams: Sun the gentle, wind, is on top of the receptive, earth.
See: 5 Lib 38 — 11 Lib 15

Statement: The superior man, understanding life adequately, falls into no error. (L)

li5o08 and hexagram 20
To contemplate one's own character and own life course is a hallmark of someone able to improve his lot.

Overview is a time for composure and contemplation. Next, visit the people and give them instructions, so to speak, like a guest among them. (W, M)

If you have attained a deeper understanding of life, and it is understood, people, who busily rush from one subject to the next, expect you to behave in a mature and dignified way. (M)

By relating new issues to the course of our entire life we can glimpse some deeper significance. (M)


59. Huan - Dispersion (Dissolution). Dispersing / Disintegration

Trigrams: Sun, the gentle, wind, is on top of Kan the abysmal, water.
See: 11 Lib 15 — 16 Lib 53

Statement: Times of general dispersion make room for what could eventually become suitable order.

li11o15 and hexagram 59
Sweat is among the great announcements -

A person's attitude can make the difference. And instead of clinging anxiously to petty arrangements we can become aware of the greater scene and other people's problems. (M)

In times of general dispersion and separation, a great idea provides a focal point for the organisation of recovery. (W)

Few people seem to think of making room for a more suitable order. (M)

A safe place also supports you. (M)

Someone who does right, avoids difficulties for himself and his kin. He also rescues his kin, helps them to get away before danger comes, or keeps them at a distance from an existing danger, or finds a way out of a danger that is already on them. (W)


42. Yi - Increase. Augmenting / The Harvest

Trigrams: Sun the gentle, wind, is on top of Cheng the arousing, thunder.
See: 16 Lib 53 — 22 Lib 30.

Statement: The kind heart is fit for supremely good fortune without end.

li16o53 and hexagram 42
The sincere hearts not only acknowledge but observe many regular rules of tending to good fortune.

Through supremely good fortune we imitate and take up good if we see good. (W)

One may be enriched through unfortunate events - for example, if they reveal faults, he may get busy ridding himself of them. (W)

If in truth you have a kind heart, find inner strength and steadfastness.

The person who harmonizes with the cosmic forces, also acts from his centre and is not swayed by superficial appearances. Hence, he may act as a guide to those who are confused deep down. (M)

Sincerity is in a position to help others, and may also act with kindness.

I Ching with pen drawings, Yi Jing, END MATTER

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