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I Ching Hexagrams with Pen Drawings


62. Kuei Mei - Hsiao Kuo: Preponderance of the Small. Small Exceeding / Moderation

Trigrams: Cheng, the arousing, thunder, is on top of Ken, keeping still, mountain.
See: 15 Leo — 20 Leo 38.

Statement: We might be better off if we stay close to home and mind our own business. Then small things may be done, and great things not.

le15 and hexagram 62
They say a bird flying far aloft is a cause of self-inflicted injury if he is captured by other birds or shot for it. In nature, being cautious at all times is not to be dispensed with.

The flying bird brings the message: It is not well to strive upward, it should work well to remain below. (In any event we must not count on great success . . . A bird should not try to surpass itself and fly into the sun; it should descend to . . . where its nest is. RW)

We might be better off if we stay close to home and mind our own business and do not exceed our proper balance, limits or course. (M)

One had better pay special attention to small and insignificant things, because according to the personage, there are no such things. (M)

In his conduct the superior man gives preponderance to reverence. In bereavement he gives preponderance to grief. In his expenditures he gives preponderance to thrift. (In bereavement emotion means more to him than ceremoniousness. RW)


55. Fang - Abundance (Fullness). Abounding / The Time to Prosper

Trigrams: Cheng, the arousing, thunder, is on top of Li, the clinging, fire.
See: 20 Leo 38 — 26 Leo 15.

Statement: Be like the sun at midday, be not sad. (W)

le20o38 and hexagram 55
He who is "anxious as the sun at noon" is somehow like a gorgeous flower of brillant capacities. But it may further evils if he only serves others and not his own (future) household in time.

Through going one meets with mistrust and hate. Yet, if someone rouses him through truth, good fortune may come. (W)

Just as plants grow in certain seasons and not in others, there are certain times when prosperity is more easily attained. (M)

Because leaner times will come sooner or later, some miserly people will be tempted to hoard their riches and to close their doors to friends and family. When a miser then looks at his door, it is still, and there is nobody about it, that should be no occasion to be anxious, at any rate. (M, J)

If he tries to enlighten the less furtunate by pointing out the obvious and by lecturing them, his message will be rejected and he will be disliked. There may be occasion for praise and congratulations and the attainment of prosperity for all by finding more intelligent and enlightened people to associate with. (M)


16. Yu - Enthusiasm. Providing-for / Enjoyment

Trigrams: Cheng, the arousing, thunder, is on top of Kun, the receptive, earth.
See: 26 Leo 15 — 1 Vir 53.

Statement: Pleasures awaken enthusiasm. Yet it is a bad thing to be deluded by it.

le26o15 and hexagram 16
Friends are wont to gather round a winner of harmony and good outfits. On the other hand, many are having chronic diseases as they go on living. To change one's course to the better, involves getting handy and getting more satisfactions from living.

To arouse enthusiasm it is necessary for a man to adjust himself and his ordinances to the character of those whom he has to lead. Even if he is plagued by a persistent complaint his joyful attitude may carry him through. (W, M)

It is a bad thing to be deluded by enthusiasm. A sober awakening from unrewarding, unjustified enthusiasm is quite possible and can be very favourable. (W)

It is fine to look ahead to anticipate future developments, and acts accordingly, so that all will be well. (M)

When a man in an inferior position has aristocratic connections that he boasts enthusiastically about, the implied arrogance may invite misfortune. (W)


40. Kieh (Hsieh, Chieh) - Deliverance. Taking-Apart / Clearing the Air

Trigrams: Cheng, the arousing, thunder, is on top of Kan, the abysmal, water.
See: 1 Vir 53 — 7 Vir 30.

Statement: Robbers, low desires, and devious persons are soon to plot, and have to be dealt with so as not to cause downfalls.

vi1o53 and hexagram 40
The injuries that remove good fortune, have to be removed. And getting confidence may "shoot" small minds to their secret loss. Few know it.

At times when deep tensions and complications begin to be eased, we should not overdo our triumphs. Also, the struggle must not be carried on with the wrong weapons. (W)

A superior man pardons mistakes and forgives misdeeds, but may have to clear the air. (W)

When a common man uses clothes, accessories and privileges of man of rank awkwardly, robbers may soon plot to take away what he flaunts, unless he can defend it well. (W)

Inferior people may not be shooed by prohibitions or mild outer means. To be rid of them, first break all right with them in your own deep mind and assert yourself too. A certain frankness and directness may also be called for when a sly habit or a devious person has to be dealt with. (W, M)

By abandoning petty or low desires you could find true friends who understand you too. (M)

I Ching with pen drawings, Yi Jing, END MATTER

I Ching, Yi Jing, LITERATURE  

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