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THESE sorts of people are very capable, and not wry. They may fill their time with helping others, often going out of their way in so doing, and typically gladden others thereby, but not always.

They usually handle things and stuff well and are fond of it - and appear to be thorough. They can typically assuage (ease) some of the burdens of others. However, they may overburden themselves.

Go for it


IT HAPPENS that the ability to gracefully and efficiently handle a great deal of responsibility all right, dwindles painfully or collapses - even if temporarily. What will be needed in such situations is to firmly handle circumstances before they become largely overwhelming for whatever reason, and try to find and deal with the problem that seems to accumulate burdensome work or concerns "on one's shoulders", so to speak.

The ability to see that helping oneself is helpful service too is one of the remedy's larger functions. As a result of kenning, persons who might profit from this remedy are to try to get easily out of a state of being overwhelmed, or out of overwork. It usually helps to fix deadlines and other limits. Also, to find the proper boundaries or borders and stick to them is part of the job and other forms of work.

While being glad to handle their personal job responsibility, and, admirable as their accomplishments are, these persons are worth more themselves. Hence, these persons will need to allocate this and that (it could be personal space, office space, social space, and work, etc.) far better, and in so doing a much larger perspective could be fit. These persons must try to be fit for self-respect from inside through such strides and measures as hinted at. And such measures are included in the remedy in the sense that some of the "helping things or helping overall tact" mentioned above, may open up (more and better) through the remedy influence.

Wish adieu to

knots BEING fixed instead of getting into some saner flow of development toward being more complete persons, one needs to allow oneself fit safety valves from burdensome work, or from accummulating work. Hence, remember to take a break, and learn well. Responsibility is also a subject to learn about in order to profit from having it. One is to stand firm to shoulder reponsibility. That comes in addition. Responsible firmness is advocated. In the wider perspective that also means there is a need to do something for oneself (improve).

Any severe obstacle in the way to progress, tidiness, and work achievement must be overcome one way or another, and also any temporary lapse in one's abilities to bear responsibilities for long. The sooner the better.

Instead of just feeling intimidated by all one is to accomplish, or trapped though the work environment etc, one is to increase a more basic awareness and go on in rapport (tune) with it.


ONE HAS to become astute or resolute and stop (avoid) paying far too much for one's job work (in wide terms). There should be existential profit in going for the honour one deserves.

Deeply committed to your work, even enthusiastic over it, study sagaciously in order to ease some of your most pressing burdens. Maybe salient points from management circles could help somewhat, if they are well adapted to your circumstances.

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