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On Stories

Many fables, folk tales and proverbs in a culture become common references. Stories build, fastens and transmit culture, the US psychologist Jerome Bruner holds in The Culture of Education (1996), in part echoing James Kirk in the Stories of the Hindus (1972). Besides, apt and tallied tales favour sound development in lots of children. (Brudal 1984)

Einstein Insight

Einstein A concerned mother once visited Albert Einstein to get his counsel on how to help her son become really good in maths. Exactly what was she to read for him to help him evolve into a prominent scientist?

"Folk tales," said Einstein.

"Okay," said the mother, "and after that?"

"More folk tales," said Einstein.

"And after that?" the mother asked again.

"Still more folk tales," answered Einstein. [In Zipes 1992, p. 1]


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