Yogi stories and tales "It is a lovely read. I enjoyed and am saving it for an Irish friend." - The Swami

     Yogi tales intro Introduction: The Value of OK Stories
  1. King Manu and the Flood

  2. The Serious Nix

  3. The Puffing Tale-teller

  4. Getting aware of the Soap Opera

  5. Cruel indifference comes like a flood that seldom returns

  6. Avatar In a Castle of Ice

  7. The Wood-Cutter

  8. "Go Forward"

  9. The Sheep-Lion

  10. The Troll Who Killed the Old Bear

  11. Two Frogs in Trouble

  12. Two More Frogs

  13. A Puzzled Devotee

  14. Get more aware - do it yourself

  15. See the ugly foot (Norse)

  16. Twenty Monks and One Nun

  17. Squealing - An Ancient Fable

  18. He had not meditated well enough and as a result became a sectarian

  19. The Net and the Fish

  20. The Villagers and the Snake

  21. Sleep and more

  22. Meeting a Mad Elephant

  23. All for a fine loincloth

  24. Four Riddles

  25. The Pool of Water

  26. Cheerful Edwards

  27. The Well-Known Rabbi's Better-Known Son

  28. Unhappy in Marriage

  29. Must I Live?

  30. Master Squirrel

  31. The Plovers and the Sea

  32. Eyebrows Werewolf

  33. The Little Man at the Angel's Pillar

  34. No Useless Tree

  35. Strong Mishap

  36. Stages of Pig Living

  37. The Body of the Little Pig in the Dream State

Yogi stories and yoga tales

  1. For Material Success

  2. How a Wandering Man's Brain Cells Were Charged

  3. The Donkey and the Wolf Out of His Waters

  4. Live Fast and the Snake

  5. The Archbishop and the Wolf Cub

  6. Hindu Myths and Us

  7. A Supreme God

  8. Grey Beard and the Blessed Child

  9. Kingly deciderata (A Panchatantra story retold)

  10. When Ramakrishna couldn't carry mangoes home

  11. Ramakrishna and Girish Ghosh

  12. Silence can tell well and common speech falter

  13. A Tale on Doing (agency)

  14. As if by Magic

  15. Some plunderers go about as religious

  16. On a Ferry

  17. A family of Scots felt unlucky and lucky by one and the same thing

  18. Bad Luck?

  19. Krishna as a Pig

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