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Self-Realization Magazine. Los Angeles: Self-Realization Fellowship.

The magazine contains talks and discourses of Yogananda, among other things. The magazine was first named East West, and then Inner Culture in the thirties. SRF had allowed the copyrights to lapse on all SRF magazines published before January 1943, according to Yogananda Rediscovered: "Can eternal truth be private property? - Part 2".

Much documentation of earlier isses, in PDF format - is at hand here.

SRF. Golden Anniversary Los Angeles: SRF, 1970.

Self-Realization Fellowship holds it was fifty years when this unpaginated publication of reminiscences appeared. Founding facts are missing. Yogananda had a follower after Christmas Night 1920: a Boston dentis. However, there is no mention of forming a league or fellowship of any sort in what has surfaced from that Christmas and the next days into the New Year. By then Yogananda had moved in with the Lewises on 24 Electric Avenue in Somerville, Boston, where the "Lewises occupied the second floor." Yogananda "stayed here frequently, and for some time had a room on the third floor at the back of the house." (In the Footsteps, 2011, 9) He stayed with them in this way for about three years (1920-23).

At any rate, what came to become Self-Realization Fellowship in late March 1935, had been an unregistered fellowship with several names such as Sat Sanga, in the years between 1921 or so and 1935. [More]

Some juicy details are in the book by Rosser (Ttp), and other pieces of information are in a guidebook called In the Footsteps of Paramahansa Yogananda, 5th edition, by the Boston Meditation Group Historical Committee, compiled June 1989 and updated until September 2011, and published by the Boston Meditation Group of Self-Realization Fellowship in Waltham, MA.

SRF. Paramahansa Yogananda in Memoriam. Los Angeles: SRF, 1958

The Fellowship's own memorial booklet contains glimses and pictures of the guru's last days, tributes, and appreciations. Included is a notarised letter (a facsimile) that contains details of what actually happened to the body of Yogananda for three weeks after his death. It tells the body was enbalmed and a spot developed on his nose before his casket was closed and sealed. [Link]

SRF has written out his clear handwriting below the tribute, and there it says "Paramahansa" in the place where Evans-Wentz uses "Paramhansa". Forgery means swindle, and such practice violates the rules of academic citation, of course. [p. 23; 35]

A photostat copy from a page in TIME news weekly (August 4, 1952 issue) reveals the weekly wrote Paramhansa (written three times) not Paramahansa at all. [p. 57]

Governor Goodwin J. Knight referred to his good friend Paramhansa Yogananda. [p. 117]

In a letter from Mortuary Director Harry T. Rowe, which also is presented in photocopy in the SRF booklet, it is Paramhansa throughout. That is official. [p. 121-24]

About five years after Yogananda's death SRF resolved to forge his signature and Rowe citations, and others they cite, to conform to a notion that Paramahansa was more correct that Paramhansa. Both forms are in use. [Google-search]

It is said about thieves that "it started with stealing a spoon" and something. Little tendencies or breaches can grow a lot, and even toward alarming sentences and executions.

Yukteswar, Swami Sri. The Holy Science 7th ed. Los Angeles: Self-Realization Fellowship (SRF), 1972.

The Holy Science is a book whose overall program was given the author to carry out, something which is not much thought of in science. The resulting book contains errors of outlook: [yukteswar.html].


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