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Aquarians, Get help from Librans If You Can

Consider how people with the dragon's tail in the constellation of Aquarius can draw strength from people and phenomena (happenings, etc) characterised by a great deal of "Libra load," such as good critical faculty and understanding the emotional needs of others very well. Who would not like to get helped by such cultivated persons?

On the dark side of things, willpower may be a characteristic of bluffing sex therapists.

YOGANANDA Never pray . . . with a sense of hopelessness, thinking that God will not listen to your prayers. - Paramahansa Yogananda, in Inner Culture, September 1939.

An Aquarian girl might be someone who could appear as "philantropic of extreme temper" with an inborn dislike for the ordinary and the dogmatic too. Psychoanalyst thinking might go well for her.

There is no good reason to throw out the baby (good methods and possibly good methods and possibly apt type-characteristics before they are statistically verified, and so on) with the dirty bathwater.

New Age in the Now Age:

"Now Age" is a complex concept linked to the New Age. The Encyclopedia Britannica tells about the New Age that by "By the mid-1990s, it was evident that the movement was dying". [EB "New Age"]. Now is the Now Age . . .

Is this Age Aquarian? Some think so, but . . . hardly. Granted that qualities of Aquarius may be found in it, as qualitites of all other accepted star signs and the Serpent-Bearer, Ophiuchus (WP, "Ophiuchus"), to think that the Now Age is an Aquarian Age, or Aquarian Age solely, may depend on one or several severe miscalculations.

Many astrologers are of the opinion that we now find ourselves at the end of the Age of Pisces and on the cusp of the coming Age of Aquarius.

But opinions differ as to where and when each different sign and age begins. The estimates sometimes vary by hundreds of years. (AstroWiki, "Astrological Age").

It is difficult to say just when the vernal equinox will move from the constellation of Pisces into that of Aquarius and the so-called Age of Aquarius will begin. Depending on where the boundary [between Aquarius and Pisces] is drawn this will occur somewhere between 2100 and 2500 AD. (Astrodienst, "Precession and Zodiac")

This questioning and rather sceptical outlook stands to reason, for the "Aquarian Age" is supposed to be linked to the precession of the Spring vertinox (a technical term, another is "the Aries point"). That great point moves slowly anticlockwise within the zodiak. It moves one degree in nearly seventy-two years, and is presently estimated by Astrodienst (in Zürick) to be in Pisces 4' 55" - give or take. Accordingly, the Aquarian New Age is due in 360 years, more or less, give and take.

But there is an axis to take into account: The "Spring point" and its slow counterclock-wise movement has a corresponding "Autumn point" movement right opposite to it. They are two ends of one and the same slowly revolving axis. Hence, the Aquarian Age is also a Leo Age. Simply put: "Individual of the North should harmonise with Others of the South:" Let us talk of the coming Leo-Aquarian Age in that vein, focusing on its Leo sides, disregarding for a while the doubtful calculations and some miscalculations here: [Link]

So, while the Aries point talks of singulars (separate persons or things, single instances, individuals), the Libra point relates to "dear, bare bodies" and "of the kind" some way or other. The "bare and dear kind" - apes have it too - will have certain characteristics and features prominent. These hallmarks should tell about frames of reference. On of more of these factors may rise and dominate, depending on the calibres of those involved. Such traits and mixtures of traits will hover over the culture and be prominent in it too. And the singulars (of the vernal equinox) are embedded in that "environment" and its situations.

Example. This could be what a hobby astrologer might assert, along with "You can believe this": If the Aries point is now close to Pisces 5' (2019 AD), the Autumn equinox point is near Virgo 5', which could be marked by these features:

Finding that the situation keeps returning to the same without progress, quite without perspective, quite like sailing around and around; and there can be a delusion of being "chosen" through lack of true perspective; merry-go-round opportunities. Health-care and fitness tend to abound, and buttocks. Diagnoses tend to get increasingly instant, and sacrifice is hardly in. These hallmarks should tell of frames of reference. Singulars are embedded in that.

If the vernal equinox (Aries point) by now has come closer to Aquarius than Pisces 5', the suggestions above would tell of things of the past, and people born during that past - but less of people born after it. For them, other general and generational descriptions could be much better. In the calculated astrology, it would obviously depend on which side of the 5' the axis really is - more that 5' or less than 5'.

One more example: The Aries point in Pisces 4.59 might be due some time after 2015 AD, and would have its complementary Libra point in Virgo 4.59. The most prominent, shared marks might well be:

Getting overshadowed by intuitive thoughts and feelings, bringing messages, perceiving subtler phenomena in the environment, overcoming prejudices against making the same mistakes, and lacking true perspective - However, there could be fair play through good perceptions and through strategic smartness. Demands for fiendish shows may lead to the worst indiscretions, and couples are vulnerable, as the worst do not really like fair play and that others are healthy. Singulars are embedded in that loom, so to speak.

Either the list is true to facts that are rising, or not. The Danish gentleman Storm P: "It's hard to foretell, especially about the future." Many have to live in the Age of Pisces-Virgo - that sort of fiendish environment - until it's over all the same.

In Pisces-Virgo, we may anyway be free to study astrological polarities and the like, tarot, I Ching, contemplation and delicate yoga: These subjects are in fact ancient, not new, like firm belief in karma ("giving-back"), rebirth (reincarnation, being born again for real), and much else.

This goes to suggest that "New Age" is complex . . .

By the mid-1990s . . . New Agers in Europe began to speak of the move from "New Age to Next Stage. [EB, "New Age"]

Still, New Age concepts blend in with concepts of holistic health, and of "acupuncture, alternative childbirth, astrology, biofeedback, chiropractic, faith healing, graphology, homeopathy, macrobiotics, megavitamin therapy, naturopathy, numerology, nutrition, osteopathy, psychocalisthenics, psychotherapy, self-massage, shiatsu (or acupressure), touch encounter, and yoga." [EB "holistic medicine"]

It could serve us to discern between silly religion versus clever enough religion, rather, and not necessarily old versus new.

In all Age scenarios and other maya fields one is allowed to meditate and improve one's life. It is not a matter of Ages of Man.


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Yogananda's magazine was first called East-West, then Inner Culture for many years, and later Self-Realization Magazine. It is published by Self-Realization Fellowship, Los Angeles.

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