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Cycles as Applied
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Figure 1. Cyclic divisions.

Life expressions on earth - in this case the northern hemisphere - may be divided into four seasons. Spring comes with blossoms, summer with vacations, autumn with frost and withering, and winter with darkness and snow, for most part. This is a basic scheme, only.

It is also common to divide each time of the year into three. Hence the months.

If we focus on life expressions that are typical for each time of the year and maybe the different months too, we end up with astrology, where human life expressions are shown to correspond somewhat to life expressions - like the spring of life is childhood - and next draw many parallels through such murky semblances. This leads us to "all there is to horoscopes", too, in part.

In such ways we arrive at tentative existential footings - each sign of the zodiac gives one such. A term for this ancient way of looking at phenomena is structural existentialism, for many recurrent events in life are structured and come in cycles.

The correspondences are ancient. A table shows more of them:

Seasons of the year: SpringSummerAutumnWinter
Seasons of life: ChildhoodYouthAdulthoodOld age
Ideations: Zestful, prankish or 'boyish'Can think wellCalculating, may even hide itFeeble etc.
The spin: InfamouslyTidy, very tidyConstructive vs itemsGrave, decadent, maybe obsolete
Some aligned body parts: Head and face; neck and throat; shouldersBreasts, chest, bellyLoins, hips, sex organs, thighsKnees, legs, feet down to foot soles


Each of the seasons can be seen as having a first part, a central area (middle), and a final part. And through that the year has twelve months. It's also feasible to map the central parts (areas) and overall functions pertaining to them. What do we get? A sort of structural-existential map.

Then, why? A sound reason could be that time and space is a continuum - not time and space as much as time-space, according to physics.

Accordingly, the body dynamics are not just of shape, but is altered with time, and severely so too. Human extensions correlate with time in some ways, and medical astrology is rooted in such correspondences.

Adjusting angles rooted in interpretations

The footing bead is the third bead from top along the broken arrow (the big one to the bottom right)

The way out of tall problems is to move from the nave of figure 1 to a suitable area of the rim and get a good footing there, and that is what a good home is for too, in its way. It is typically a "sector four" item. However, things are not always that simple, and there are different kinds of homes.

Now, somewhere on the rim you seek to "ground" the solution you come up with. In other words, you try to form a base that works well for enlarging your operations in time, by knowledge and skills. Gaining reserves and knowhow, you get reserves needed to gain Taos. This is in effect the all-round scientific process put a bit differently. It can suit one's home-making too along general lines - more or less so.

In such ways natural correspondences suggest things to go for - at any rate such structural probing may work well for profiling this and that as time goes by.

Rest assured: evidence of yearly cycles exists, and can be made use of in various ways.

Twenty-four and one cardinal groups to think on top of


Suppose you have found it good to ground a "Get Tao" trek (route) in sector three (cf. fig. 1). The sectors relate to each other in an over-all pattern. They can be used for comparison work, profiling, and so on. Keeping at it until it works was part of how Thomas A. Edison succeeded many a time.

Figure 2. The cyclic survey and the "Get Tao" route put together - a schematic intimation.

This simple system theory helps the anchoring (grounding) of tenets and utterances, and helps to show the angling (perspectives) involved in some of them too. The unified scheme is brought together with the cybernetic "Get Tao" layout so as to increase its all-round usefulness.

In the "Get Tao" way (route) there are numbered "beads on a string", that is, numbered stages towards gaining a Tao (way, handling routine, welcoming arms, etc).

The number right after the dot indirectly suggests the possible thrust (impetus). The lower the number, the greater the thrust of the concepts could be, much in keeping with Kurt Lewin's "There is nothing so practical as a good theory" (Aronson et al. 2016, 41) - Here it is taken to mean that some good ideas well arranged and acted on, give knowledge and skills that make life fruitful. The quality and grounding of core concepts determine the end results. You may mend, modify and refine stages of the process as you go along - that is also a part of this all-round cybernetics: Allow for modifications through feedback and understanding in an ongoing process.

Please note there are some reservations involved in such a venture, which is the way of general scientific research.

Beware that the sweep or extent of effectiveness (slagvidde) of the operation is also something to consider. The sweep may be tentatively ascertained in the field of activity. Suffice to say that much is your own responsibility.

Using such methods as one may build much from scratch, by Tao methods anchored in cyclic nature-semblances.

Now, if you increase the number of sectors from 12 to 24, you get a wider range of grounding options. And if you add one more group - "miscellaneous", you get 25 anglings in all. That could be good too, in that the amount of insights could increase by it.

Also bear in mind that success is rarely had outside the mainstream society these days, and is a conform thing mostly. So there is much you cannot do unless you are accepted, no matter how good your thinking and skills may be. Circumstances have to follow suit too. Still, the better your real life qualifications are, the better chances you may get in the long run. At least there is such hope.

Conclusion to this: The circle and its sectors are applied to the Get Tao route, much as in the ancient Chinese bagua design, but there are differences of design that count too.


Footing Suggestions

Here are some footing elements occasionally made use of on-site, to try out ad lib. They relate to the twelve sectors of figure 1 - and thus to the year cycle and so on. The footings ending with ",5" are narrower sectors put between the twelve large ones.


1. Ambitious, frivolous, freedom-loving and honour-loving, very spontaneous and fiery. Ardent. May as easily fail as win new friends. The enthusiasm may be reactivated. Revitalizing. A spirit of adventure. Ardent love of fairness. Brightness. Quite dramatic self-expression. Relating naively to the encompassing world. Being completely oneself. Reaping well.

1,5. Ardent and strained. Tactless.

2. Ambitious, indolent, suave. Quite indomitable. Fond of practical applications. Work interests. Interests in processing. Wants to experiment and invent. A love of learning techniques. A certain discipline has to be taught.

2,5. Combative and yet bland. Very elegant.

3. Quite altruistic, combative, fond of nature and one's fellows. Busy from many angles. Considering topics from several angles. Matrix-rooted consultant. Process of learning. Many impressions.

3,5. Conclusively fond of nature and one's own. May hide well.

4. Passionate. Wading on. Conclusive. Hermit-like. Energetic in one's own right. A feel for bodies. Control over oneself and one's next of kin. Keeps the body well and fit. Ability to labour at length. May worry about security. Bent on psychodrama too at times. Daydreams. Innocent understanding, understanding innocents. Can assuage well. Development of a certain feeling (also a hunch).

4,5. Thinks a lot to alleviate one's loads, and may succeed in that.

5. Fiery and ardent. Will-empowered and quite resentive. Fond of moving about. Prideful arrogance mixed with sloth to look at. Fond of entertainment, Talent for making money. Fighting intruders. Self-expressive. Ardent combatant. Much all right in between fights.

5,5. Very dear to many children, makes a stance, hence resentive encounters, he may sting in return and give tit for tat. Fond of working too. Instrumentation often helps. Very strong and strong-minded. may handle costly equipment in matter-of-fact ways that help.

6. Slovenly, smooth, highly ambitious beneath. Good at plumbing and fishing some way or other. Overestimating oneself a bit. Critical. Reason's bluff. Ups and downs in partnerships. May get ceremonial. Adornments or trappings.

6,5. Penetrative intuitive balancing of this and that. "The smartest there is" around.

7. Jovial, nice to look at, balancing along, good at encounters and other meetings. A talent for seeing good opportunities. Lively manners. Tactful. Wants to be loved. Amorous. Devoted and active. Position-geared. May help others. The really clever fellow.

7,5. The breakthrough guys.

8. Has a shell to hide in it seems, poignant, knows best, may ambush others. Intuitive thinking. Likes being alone too, and may gallop about for it. Genial. Loved and sensitive. Understands well inside. Natural medium somehow. Dispensing truths. Good at tearing things open. Pointed. Not fond of humbug.

8,5. Horse-like in many ways. Often ardent, not very tactful. Fond of getting a good life; may (or may not be) encumbered with burdens. Placid sceneries.

9. Ferocious yet assuaging, meant to aim better, and galloping about, friendly too. May seem placid for a long while and adhere to surface accommodations only. Fond of success agreements and success arrangements. May turn destructive if encountering patient resistance. Braveness to overcome a fair amount of adversity. Bent on victory, growth, and development. Reinforcing some.

9,5. Expert at summing up. Outwardly: the jovial thinker. Combative, rude if angered or annoyed, otherwise happy as a cockerel.

10. Critical faculties, fond of machinery, including office equipment, may say no, may work and sum up, penetrative, money-loving and fond of luxury beneath, often in combat. Pensive too. Using unprotected others from one's official position. Fond of hoarding things, even resources. May use others without niceness. Claims many things seem self-evident to work one's way up and onward. Can undo certain snags. Fond of the traditional. Has to be alert. Some happenings seem shrouded in mystery. Wants ot be erect or socially proper. Long-lasting attractions to others, including one's mate. Understanding of designs or schemes. May cope very patiently in time. Can be pointed. Thinks he is relevant, and let us hope it is the case.

10,5. Up from the underground somehow, in one way or another.

11. Oddball and constructive idealist to look at, needs calm for thinking a lot, marrying as an experiment, experimentalist type, fond of loving, delights in pointed, poignant tales, concludes well, supremacist thinking, may reach no minor targets if awakened. Often comes up with a fair solution. Carrying out a project. Sharp, fond of cogent reasoning. Bright facets entertain. Entertaining if in. Quite intuitive. Not in a naturally lush setting, presumably. Neither looks up nor down on people, basically. Hinge on partnerships. Fond of wisdom and brightness with one or more outward effects.

11,5. Does not know what to say, many a time.

12. Bossy and interpretative, solid hermit, figurative, misty teachings appeal to one, sensitive, may get hurt after much time. May want to pose as a martyr. Fond of role-playing. Goes for sympathy to be accepted. Appeals to many. Fond of much privacy, even isolated environments. Tries to relate to things on a broader basis.

12,5. The circuit expert. Handles lots of things. Good at intuitive thinking. Has to think well. Very endearing if well rested and tidied. Brusque if annoyed.

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